The current bushfires that are occurring across parts of Australia are devastating and sweeping across the land without discrimination. As an Australian business, our hearts go out to all of those affected by the tragedy; the lives lost, the land scarred, the communities forever changed. Much has been written in recent weeks about the increasingly shocking numbers of wildlife devastation, landscapes irreversibly changed and, of course, the impact both of and upon humanity.

Outside of the fire-affected areas, many regions across the country are also being subjected to extreme temperatures and some by smoke haze leading to poor air quality. Visiting Australia as a tourist during these troubling times can be a worry and so it’s important to gather as much information from trusted sources as to how the region you’re intending on visiting is faring and what present dangers there may be.

Turning to the bicycle holidays advertised here on Roar Adventures: the majority of our Australian cycle tours are not affected by the fires in any way, but we will continue to proactively monitor the situation and update the tour pages if necessary. If you are in any doubt or have concerns about a tour offered, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

One of our tour partners based in Victoria has kindly sent this update, as follows:

South Gippsland has had no issues with fires.

In South Gippsland we have had a very wet winter with around 150% of our usual rainfall. It has been cool (i.e. max 12°C ) right up until 1 week prior to Christmas. We have also had minor local flooding up to Christmas.

Our area is still green. We do have smoke haze today which is expected to clear by the weekend.

If the high temperatures are of concern, considering a cycle vacation in either South Gippsland or Tasmania — perfect options for a cooler journey in lush surrounds.

From March, when the country moves into autumn (fall), the fires are expected to no longer be a threat and the land will begin to recover. At this delicate time many businesses will be operating as normal and tourism, a vital artery to the heart of Australia, will be very much welcomed. In fact, many regional areas around Australia are already being impacted by the drop in tourism due to the global concerns over the fire situation, and so taking a tour in these safe regions is a significant help to those local communities, and also a wonderful vacation experience.

All of us here at Roar Adventures wish to express our gratitude to all the volunteers and service men and women who are fighting the fires and assisting communities and wildlife to recover. We hope for a near end in sight.

What can I do to help victims of the Australia fires?

The outpouring of support for our homeland, for the firefighters battling the blazes and the people and families hurt and displaced, has been enormous. Thank you.

If you'd like to join us in helping the animals and their habitats, we recommend donations to these organizations:

WWF Logo

World Wildlife Fund Australia

WWF Australia's national emergency fund is established to deliver wildlife response, habitat restoration, and planning and preparedness for future events. Donate now at


Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife

FNPW is the charity partner of Australia's National Parks. Their mission is to protect Australia's ecosystems and native species for generations to come. Donate now at


Header image: Robert Kerton, CSIRO