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Cycling Bangkok to Phuket

10 days
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Ride through the rugged beauty of Southern Thailand as you explore the serenity of the Gulf of Thailand, Khao Sok National Park’s spectacular rainforest and the glistening shores on the Andaman Coast. Along the way you can soak up what rural life is like for the Thai people as you scratch below the surface of this incredible country on the adventure of a lifetime.

  • Category
  • Destination
  • Duration
    10 days
  • Culture Level
  • Skill Level
    3 - Intermediate
  • Activity Level
    4 - Challenging
  • Elevation
    2 - Moderate
  • Terrain
  • Distance
    356.7 miles
  • Avg. Daily Distance
    46.6 miles
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Quick Stats

  • Duration
    10 days
  • Main Destination
  • Distance
    356.7 miles
  • Avg. Daily Distance
    46.6 miles
  • Elevation
    2 - Moderate
  • Terrain

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Itinerary Details

  1. Day 1Heading for Hua Hin to begin the ride

    The excitement is building as  everyone meets and gets ready for the first day of riding together. The group will leave Bangkok early in the morning via the provided transport for the coastal spot of Hua Hin. It’s much quieter at Hua Hin than the busy city and marks a perfect place to begin this cycling adventure together properly.

    Feeling the slick of tires against beachside roads will have you purring with excitement as the coastal air propels you onwards. As the light begins to fade into a beautiful sunset you'll arrive at the first hotel for the night in the town of Pranburi. A scrumptious dinner and much needed beverage await in this sleepy beach spot.

    • 28 miles
  2. Day 2Checking out caves, cliffs and the changing scenery

    After some beachside breezy riding it’s time to change up the landscapes and your second day of riding does just that. You'll begin with breakfast before pedaling out into the Thai sun and through surrounding limestone hills. Close to the Sam Roj Yod National Park there will be a detour to visit the Prahya Nakhon Cave. This monstrous cave has a skylight hole at the top which projects the light from the sun onto a throne from the period of King Chulalongkorn. It makes for spectacular viewing as does the journey here which includes a boat ride and walk through the forest.

    It’s delightful riding all day long before stopping for the evening at a boutique hotel.

    • 42.3 miles
  3. Day 3Gliding along the Gulf of Thailand

    The Gulf of Thailand is your treasured friend in the first few days of this ride and once again you'll wake to the shore’s dulcet tones. It's just the ticket to get started in the morning as you send those tires skidding through a beautiful mix of nature such as plantations, farms and groves. All of these are located on practically deserted back roads that make for scintillating riding.

    Lunch will be in a traditional fishing village with the catch of the day on your plates, while the terrain begins to change back on the bikes as the first hills are tackled. Finally, you'll reach the destination and it’s another quiet, beachside spot where you’ll be grateful to lay your head for the night.

    • 39.1 miles
  4. Day 4Pushing the boundaries to break 100km riding

    It’s time to push the boundaries and go for it! While much of the riding has been steady up to now, it’s time to crank things up a gear as you target breaking the 100km (62mi) barrier. You know you have it in you and the support team will be encouraging you the whole way. With a rest day to follow, it’s your chance to really test yourself.

    The ride itself is made easier by the magnificent scenery that accompanies you on the whole trip and what’s more there is barely a vehicle in sight all day. there will be a stop for an incredible lunch in a picturesque cove and how often can you say you’ve ever done that? It’s a unique moment that will be followed up on the bikes by riding across some mildly challenging hills to reach north Chumphon where you will stay the night. You’ve done it! The 100km barrier is broken and now you can kick back in a family lodge by the beach.

    • 64.6 miles
  5. Day 5Rest and recuperate by the beach

    After yesterday’s marathon ride it’s time to relax and the lodge is the perfect place to do it. While there’s not much in the way of sights to go to, the beach stretches for what seems like forever. It’s the kind of beach you see on postcards and you’ll be happy to rest your weary legs on the golden sands.

    Additionally, there is also a glistening pool, refreshing beverages and a wide selection of excellent food to tuck into. Perfect relaxation!

  6. Day 6Easing back into it and a special sunset

    It’s back to the bikes after a splendid day by the beach, the route today is a bit easier so you can get back into the swing of things. Initially there will be a car transfer past a long section of the highway to ensure you can continue riding on pleasant quieter roads. At approximately 10:00am, it’s time to get those bums on saddles again. The riding today is perfect as you pedal past rubber plantations and through villages full of smiling and waving locals.

    Towards the end of the day there is a slight incline, but it is well worth the ride to the top as you reach your delightful guesthouse. Set by the river, it’s in a beautiful spot and to cap off the day you'll head to the Ratchaprapa Viewpoint on foot for a mesmerizing sunset.

    • 38.5 miles
  7. Day 7Cycling deep into the rainforest of Khao Sok

    The Khao Sok National Park is a beautiful location to ride and today you'll continue the journey through this epic rainforest. Rolling past more plantations you'll be greeted by towering and jutting limestone cliffs on every turn. 

    You'll stay in the vast forest for the night and the afternoon is free to explore this breath-taking place. If you’re feeling up to it, there is a range of activities you can partake in later on such as rafting and walking through the forest canopy.

    • 48.5 miles
  8. Day 8Swapping jungles for hills and then tourists in Khao Lak

    Heading out of the national park and its enveloping forest, you'll be taken through traditional farming areas and across short, undulating roads towards the tourist hotspot of Khao Lak. Along the way there will be a stop at a gorgeous hot spring to take a dip and let your muscles enjoy a well-deserved soak. After this break, put your feet back on the pedals and head for Khao Lak.

    Given the quiet nature of this adventure, the city’s tourist feel may be a bit of a shock to the senses. However, the wide array of glorious food and the comfiest of hotels will be sure to sway your mood.

    • 47.2 miles
  9. Day 9One final day of riding as Phuket awaits

    Every cycling tour has its tricky moments and today’s riding, while less glamorous than some others is still enjoyable and important. Furthermore, it’s momentous as it marks your final day of cycling on this incredible adventure. Truly, the highlight of today is riding into Phuket – the popular beachside town and your last stop on the tour.

    Gliding over the bridge to the island and then bringing your tires to a halt at the sensational Nai Yang Beach is enough to make you well up. It’s that special! You'll stay at a glorious hotel by the beach today and enjoy a superb final dinner together.

    • 51 miles
  10. Day 10Time to depart after an amazing adventure

    Tuck into one final breakfast together at the hotel where you can share your best memories with the group and reflect on an epic journey. There’s been an array of wonderful moments and you've covered so much on this special trip that has taken you riding past the glorious Gulf of Thailand, into the atmospheric jungle of Khao Sok National Park,  the glistening Andaman Coast and the last stop of Phuket. What a journey it has been!

    Having polished off breakfast the tour operator can arrange a transfer for you to the airport or to anywhere else on the island you fancy exploring.