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Cycle Bangkok to Chiang Mai

7 days
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Leave Southern Thailand’s beaches to the tourists and instead discover the enchanting, nature filled regions of the north on this spectacular cycling adventure. Creating the perfect cocktail of nature, history, culture and cuisine takes some doing but this trip does it to perfection as you leave behind Bangkok and cycle alongside majestic mountains, flowing rivers and through never-ending fields towards the captivating city of Chiang Mai.

  • Category
    Culture & History
  • Destination
  • Duration
    7 days
  • Culture Level
  • Skill Level
    1 - Beginner
  • Activity Level
    3 - Active
  • Elevation
    2 - Moderate
  • Terrain
  • Distance
    216.9 miles
  • Avg. Daily Distance
    43.5 miles
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  1. Day 1Boarding the train north out of Bangkok Hooray!

    You have arrived in Bangkok and it’s time to get this show on the road. Meet up with the group late in the afternoon close to the main railway station at a hotel. If you need to be collected from the airport the tour provider will gladly arrange it. Please note that your flight should arrive before 3:00pm. Once everyone is together, head out for an early dinner before boarding a train north.

    Leaving behind the business of Bangkok, you will be taking the sleeper train – a unique experience in itself. Buzzing with excitement you may be, but hopefully the rocking of the train will help you ease into a decent night’s sleep. You will need it as tomorrow the tour really gets going.

  2. Day 2Getting acquainted with your bike as we cruise the countryside

    After a comfy night’s sleep you will awaken in the small town of Uttaradit. Well rested, head to a guesthouse to shower and enjoy a hearty local breakfast. All geared up it’s time to get on those bikes as you pedal out of town and into never-ending countryside.

    After the long journey, verdant sights are just what’s needed as you slalom through sugar fields and orchards. Just as you leave town, there's a stop at the ancient temple of Wat Phrathat Thung Yang. Still in use today this temple has an odd image of Buddha that will be sure to prompt some discussion. After this visit and breezing through the Thai countryside, you'll eventually stop at the town of Si Satchanalai. As it’s the first day of riding you can take it easy and finish cycling in the early afternoon, allowing ample time to explore the area and relax a bit.

    • 41 miles
  3. Day 3Admiring the artistry of traditional practices on the Yom River

    Every day of this tour is varied and you'll be on your toes with what could be around the next corner. The anticipation on this tour is always heightened and today things are changed up with a glorious ride on roads that run parallel to the beautiful Yom River. While fantastic in its own right, it’s the artisans near the river who demand your attention.

    You'll be fortunate to observe locals weaving gold into cloth, while elsewhere there are others making stunning pottery. Leaving behind these sights, head for the Si Satchanalai Historical Park where the ruins of the ancient town remain. It’s quite poignant and intriguing to observe before pointing the bikes in the direction of the hotel on the outskirts of Thailand’s first capital, Sukhothai.

    • 54.7 miles
  4. Day 4Soaking up Thailand’s history and hot springs

    Today’s ride combines a spot of everything and perfectly blends history, comfort and excellent food. It pretty much sums up Thailand in a nutshell. You are in a fascinating country and after polishing off breakfast you'll finally get to stretch out on the bike and clock up a good amount of distance. As always a gentle start is vital and there’s no better place for this than in the Sukhothai Historical Park. One of Thailand’s most impressive World Heritage Sites, the park boasts 190 ruins from the ancient city and former capital of the 13th and 14th centuries. With an incredible array of lawns, lakes and trees, this is a great spot to begin the day’s riding.

    Leaving behind the park, head south past the bottom of mountains to the mesmerizing Ramkhamhaeng National Park and onwards to a great final spot: hot springs. With some much needed soaking up, sheer bliss follows before transferring back to Sukhothai for the evening.

    • 34.2 miles
  5. Day 5Mesmerizing vistas and captivating stupas as we tackle hills

    Today enter what could quite aptly be called hill country. After an initial drive out, jump on the bikes and the undulating road that will greet you is pleasant as you check out the startlingly great views on the way. Tackling a few twists and turns is worth it just to see the vistas, stupas and temples at the hilltops. The best of these is the Wat Prathat Huai Thom, which is also the largest in the district and will leave you with a feeling of awe. After finishing up this glorious ride, there will be a 1 hour drive to Chom Thong where you will spend the night.

    • 49.7 miles
  6. Day 6River riding and interacting with the locals

    Starting in the shadows of Thailand’s tallest mountain Doi Inthanon, wend your way across ride paddies, small villages and towns to the site of the ancient Kingdom of Haripunchai, nowadays called Lumphun. From Lamphun, ride out of town through magnificent tree-lined roads, fruit orchards, irrigation canals and paddy fields. You will eventually arrive in the artisan village of Ban Tawai.  From Ban Tawai you'll transfer that last bit by van into the city of Chiang Mai. This evening there will be a special dinner to mark the final evening of your tour.

    • 49.7 miles
  7. Day 7Cheerio or chilling in Chiang Mai – your choice!

    There is still time for one last breakfast together but alas today is when everybody goes their separate ways after an incredible cycling adventure. Still it’s been absolutely brilliant and you will go away packed to the brim with sensational memories of the northern region of Thailand. It’s up to you where you head next but as always the tour provider will be happy to assist if you need recommendations. If it’s the airport you need then vehicles are on hand, ready to transport you for your onward flight.