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Kathmandu One Day Biking

1 day
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A one-day biking tour of the Kathmandu valley with expert local guides and stunning scenery. Four different options are on offer to cater for your interests and ability. This Valley of Kathmandu is so big that 30 million people live here. Most of them are outsiders from Kathmandu, and the natives, who live here, are called Newars. The natives cook delicious food items in their homes, in their festivals and in restaurants for their customers. Tourists, who want to enjoy a new kind of taste, will enjoy their food. The cultures of these natives are so rich and you will enjoy everything about their culture in this one day exploration.

  • Category
    Mountain Biking
  • Type
    Fully Guided
  • Duration
    1 day
  • Culture Level
    Out There
  • Skill Level
    2 - Novice
  • Activity Level
    3 - Active
  • Elevation
    2 - Moderate
  • Terrain
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