Elegant and tranquil vistas proliferate on this tour
Be in the company of monks and experience some aspects of their life
No fake news here as you learn from knowledgeable guides
Cycle on smooth road surfaces long with fantastic surroundings
Savor authentic Japanese cuisine
Embrace the glorious descents and appreciate the vibrant roadside
Be sure to visit this blissful sight whilst you are in breathtaking Kyoto

Legacy of Kyoto and Surrounding Prefectures

7 days
$3,950 USD

While Japan may be seemingly gripped by an obsession with the modern world it still retains a fascinating traditional culture. Join this special cycling adventure that soaks up those traditions as you pedal out of the ancient city of Kyoto, marvel at the world renowned cherry blossom trees, and meet the monks atop mountains who lead such a unique way of life. This is a journey that truly shows off Japan’s history, beauty and culture.

  • Category
    Road Cycling
  • Type
    Fully Guided
  • Duration
    7 days
  • Culture Level
  • Skill Level
    3 - Intermediate
  • Activity Level
    3 - Active
  • Elevation
    3 - Intermediate
  • Terrain
  • Distance
    158.4 miles
  • Avg. Daily Distance
    31.7 miles
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  • How many days is the tour?

    You have 7 days of exploring on this tour, 5 of which will be spent on the bike.

  • Where does the tour start and finish?

    The tour starts in the ancient capital of Kyoto and ends at Wakayama. The train stations at Wakayama can easily connect you to Osaka Airport (KIX), Osaka City or Kyoto.

  • How many riders will be in the group? And what is the minimum age to join?

    We can't say for certain how many will be joining. However to keep the tour personal the maximum number of participants is 10 and minimum is 4.

    Minimum age to join is 18 years old

  • Can you describe the ride?

    You will be cycling on generally excellent roads for the duration of the tour. For the most part, traffic is only light and drivers are courteous towards cyclists. In terms of gradient, you have a bit of everything, but the steepest parts of the climb are not long and the longest parts of the climb are not steep. The cycling is some of the best in Asia. You will be using hybrid bikes with touring tires. These bikes strike the perfect balance of comfortable and efficiency on this terrain.

  • Are helmets required?

    A helmet is required to be worn on all biking activities and is non-negotiable. If you do not wear a helmet you won't be allowed to cycle.

  • Who will lead the tour?

    Your Tour Leader is a Japanese national who has lived abroad at various stages, but is now back in Japan doing what he truly loves, riding bikes with friendly visitors.

    The leaders are often cited as being the highlight of the tour and this we believe will be true of your experience in Japan. The operator searched far and wide to find someone who can really tell you the story of Japan and they believe they've found him.

Overall Rating:
Outstanding service
Kevin — May 2017
(Review obtained from Tour Operator)

Kenji's time abroad and varied career within Japan enables him to explain Japan in such great context and in such a personal manner. When someone said "Japan", it would invoke the image of the Wave off Kanagawa, but now I think it will will invoke an image of Kanji's smiling, enthusiastic face. The service from the tour provider before, during and after the trip was truly outstanding

(Review obtained from Tour Operator)

I’ve traveled several times with Grasshopper, this time to Japan. Roads in Japan’s countryside are really terrific, well-paved, light traffic. The cultural interest is all around us … Grasshopper picks routes I will never forget, beautiful, sometimes almost magical. They make sure the food is great.

(Review obtained from Tour Operator)

If you like windy and fresh ocean rides, with lots of kilometers of water and rocks and waves and stunning views; if you're fond of speedy road bike rides on excellent road surfaces; If you enjoy the look of aquamarine mountain rivers and brooks; if you love the challenges of climbing the exhausting hills which later fill you with pride of yourself that you just have made another achievement; if you find the small fishermen villages enchanting, if you find those temples and ashrams fascinating; if you feel like riding huge endless magnificent bridges and finally, in case you are a big fan of Japanese cuisine and simply can not have enough - that would be a great trip for you to make! I just did and I loved it!