The landlocked central European country of Switzerland may be modest in size but it packs in some of the world's best scenery and cities. The country is made up of rolling hills, sparkling lakes, world class cities, and of course - the mighty Alps. Switzerland shares borders with France, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein, making it a centrally located country for cycle touring.

This neutral country is home to 8 million residents, most of whom live in the Swiss Plateau in the north; the southern portion is the more sparsely populated mountain region. The lakes of Switzerland are amongst some of the largest in western and central Europe and make for some of the best cycling in the world. Geneva is a fantastic base for exploring Lake Geneva and the city of Lausanne, or start from there and pedal your way to Lyon, France. The cities of the plateau - Zurich, Bern, and Lucerne - are fantastic for those seeking culture, history, and all things urban. The cherry on top: nothing in Switzerland is more than 2 hours away from the mountains, so accessing those leg crushing climbs and wonderful views is always easier than you might think.

Along with the beautiful Lake Geneva, the Alps offer a top spot for tourist visits. The Matterhorn dominates the horizon with its iconic jagged peak. Switzerland holds some of Europe's most difficult, and most beautiful, climbs; you can wind your way through the Alps and conquer the Tremola (2,091 m/6,860 ft) or the Furka Pass (2,436 m/7,992 ft). Try cycling through the Alps and into the famed Aosta Valley in northern Italy, or lake hop your way past Lake Maggiore, Lake Lugano, or Lake Como along the border with Italy. With its world class cities and proximity to the mountains, Switzerland is one of Europe's best destinations for any type of cycle tour. From easy to hard, Switzerland has it all.

Best Seasons:May - Oct
Popular Locations:Lake Geneva, Matterhorn/Alps, Zurich