From the peaks of Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn, to the sun soaked beaches of the Mediterranean, and the cultural centers of Paris and Rome, Europe has everything you need for the perfect cycling experience. Few destinations make us long for the open road more than the many countries that make up Europe. With its many river valleys, wonderful coastlines, mountain peaks, and infinite cultures, Europe is a cornucopia of cycling adventures. The continent has a universality with its open borders and common values, yet every country can somehow be so distinctly different.

Almost every country in Europe is full of cycling routes, roadways, ferries, bullet trains, and all other means of transportation, which can make choosing a European cycling destination a bit of a challenge. Major centers like London, Paris, Rome, Berlin and Athens can take weeks to explore on their own, so setting aside enough time to see it all can be difficult. Working with a good tour operator can ensure you make the most out of your European stay. If not planned properly, Europe's most desirable sights can be over-priced, with long lines, and nowhere to stay - so knowing when to go where and what to bring can save you a lot of headache.

From Piazzas and pizza, to misty mountain castles, mythical beaches in the south, and polar bears in the north there is so much to see in the land of empires. Like wine and food? Try Italy, France, Portugal and Spain. If it’s beaches you’re after try Croatia, Greece, and Turkey. Castles and culture? Scotland, Czech Republic, and England. If you want affordable and interesting, try Romania, Bulgaria, and Moldova, some of Europe's least travelled countries.

Travelling any country in Europe will both exceed your expectations and challenge your preconceptions at the same time. Cultures and traditions have taken thousands of years to develop into a mosaic of nations that is as beautiful as it is complex. Cycling any country in Europe is a must do for every cyclist out there.

Popular Locations:Loire Valley, Alps, Amalfi Coast