Why book with ROAR Adventures?

That’s easy. We offer the best bike tour experiences the world can offer, for the best prices, with the best service. And we’re proud to roar about it.

The best tours

We’ve pedaled the globe to find the best bike adventures for every fitness and skill level. Each of our huge selection of tours has been handpicked by one of our cycling nomads for you to compare and book.

We only use expert local guides and companies, people who really know their backyards and who’ve been taking folks around them for years.

And we work only with the local operators in each country – never the big companies from overseas – so we secure on-the-ground knowledge and expertise at a much-reduced cost.

The best prices

We’re travellers and cyclists ourselves so we’re always making great contacts. As a result, we‘ve been able to negotiate the best possible rates with local tour operators, hotels, restaurants and attractions all over the world.

We get to pass these savings on to you.

What’s more, because we don’t charge an admin fee at ROAR Adventures and we actually share any commission we get with our customers, we’re able to guarantee that booking with us will always be cheaper – even if you book direct with local providers.

Isn’t that just crazy talk?

Not the way we see it. We have faith that if we pass on our savings to you by keeping tour costs down, you’ll reward us with your custom again. Especially if we make sure you have the best possible cycling experience money can buy.

We even offer our repeat customers increasing discounts – so the more you travel, the more you save. (Ok, slightly crazy, but I guess we like our customers.)

Above all, we hope you’ll roar about us to your family and friends!

The best service

Can’t find the tour you’re after? Dates don’t meet your needs? Speak to us at any time for independent professional advice. That’s what we’re here for.

Once you’ve found your tour, you’ll find our online booking system fast and reliable and our customer service just the ticket.

We don’t just think about your bike tour either. We care about your journey either side of it. After you book, you’ll get an Essentials Guide for your destination with details about what to do, where to go, what to eat and other important information.

We want you to have an amazing time throughout your travels – not just when you’re on your bike.

Oh, and we’re donating 10% of profits to charity

It’s really important to us that we give back to the communities that we visit on our travels.

So we’re giving 5% of all ROAR Adventures profits to World Bicycle Relief and 5% to other local charities in the countries where we travel, including animal charities.

World Bicycle Relief totally gets how liberating bikes can be for people, so it’s natural that we should support what they do.

They provide bikes for community-health workers so that they can visit more homes. They give cycles to kids to help them travel to school. And they ensure farmers have two wheels so that they can deliver their produce.

But what use is a bicycle without a mechanic, we hear you cry? World Bicycle Relief also gives local people the technical know-how they need to make a living out of servicing all of the new bikes. It’s about enabling people.

We’re proud to be making a difference, not just to our customers through the happy memories we help create, but wherever we leave our tracks at ROAR Adventures.