Few countries can boast such diversity as Colombia. Want to feel like an ant beneath Andean summits? Easy. Desire unspoilt coasts? Done. Prefer tackling the jungle? Well, then dive into the Amazon. Colombian is perfect for intrepid explorers and bicycle tour lovers, plus it packs in the world’s best coffee plantations to keep you feeling powered up as you tackle this country’s famous hills. 

Your first stop should be the buzzing capital city of Bogotá. Incredibly, every Sunday the city banishes cars from many streets and encourages people to cycle, jog, walk, rollerskate or rollerblade and enjoy the public spaces together and in style. Of course, this is a perfect opportunity for you to grab your bicycle and get exploring this fascinating city. 

Take in the bustling markets that mark out the alternative neighbourhood of Usaquen, enjoy the beautiful cobbled streets of La Candelaria or crank things up a notch by tackling the 7km (4 mi) and 6% ascent of Los Patios. Undoubtedly, it is sweat-inducing but the views, combined with the epic downhill descent make every bead worth it and set you up perfectly for what lies ahead on your Colombian adventure. 

Because if there is one thing this dazzling nation is known for, it’s incredible verdant emerald-green hills and the beautiful, fragrant coffee plantations that adorn them. The Efe Cafetoro region is located primarily on the Western slopes of the Andes and the gorgeous scenery and routes make this prime cycling territory.

Naturally, there are many tricky but fun ascents to tackle and of course, it can be occasionally tricky - such as when riding the 3km (1.8 mi) ascent from Rio Verde to Buenavista. However, every climb brings spectacular views, gorgeous smells and the chance to sample some of Colombia’s finest coffees. Of course, it is not all coffee, there are also local banana, plantain, and pineapples to savour while you continue your ride. 

Discover the colors of Colombia

Cycle tour Colombia and experience a vibrant culture and epic landscapes

But it’s not all hills, there are many gorgeous little towns to explore. For instance, Salento’s pretty streets offer a great chance to rest, shop and sample the local fare and excellent craft beers. While the pretty coffee town of Filandia is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, hospitable locals, stunning architecture and cute streets.

However, if you still want to get your heart rate up you can go hiking in the Cocora Valley where stunning rainforest and the tallest palm trees in the world will leave you in awe. 

But Colombia is not just about the views. You can also explore plenty of fascinating archaeological and culturual sites left behind by ancient civilizations, go scuba diving, spot humpback whales and lose yourself in the cobbled streets of countless cute towns and villages. There is certainly no doubting that wherever you point your wheels in Colombia many treats for the eyes await. 

Best Seasons:December - April
Popular Locations:Bogota, Cocora Valley, Filandia, Los Patios