There’s little that nurtures the soul more than heading out on the open road for a solo adventure in a foreign country. Solo adventures take extra planning and require a high level of fitness and independence as you need to take full care of yourself and your bike as you make your way through your journey.

Solo adventurists usually prefer fully self-supported tours but that doesn’t mean that's the only way to travel. Travelling solo on a fully self-supported tour usually means you’re following your own path, seeing the sights you want to see whenever you want. There’s no solid times; you make the timeline as you go along. A major mechanical on the road may cost you a day or two and you have to be prepared for that. Being fluid in your planning and timeline is key to successfully touring solo. You will want to make sure your camping knowledge, mechanical abilities, map reading, foreign language comprehension, and a myriad of other skills are ready to keep you self sufficient while out on your solo adventure.

If you don’t want to brave things entirely on your own, there are tours designated for those who may want to travel alone, but still want systems of support there at the end of each day. Self-guided tours offer some varied levels of support for those who wish to cycle on their own. This provided support can be pre-arranged meals and accommodations as well as transportation between cycling routes. This means the riding is still unsupported and there are no group leaders or guides to help you along the way.

Solo adventures usually attract the more independent and experienced riders, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ease yourself into it. If you have the strength and confidence to head out on your own then a solo adventure is for you.

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