Introducing the new must cycle destination – Montenegro. No, your eyes do not deceive you. This beautiful and tiny sovereign nation boasts the world’s most gorgeous landscapes, a rich heritage, charming locals, a simple but tasty cuisine, and of course, the famous Dalmatian coastline that will leave you enchanted as its dazzling blues and greens lure you in.

The latter is a huge draw for cyclists as you tackle glorious hairpins and enjoy the Adriatic breeze while reveling in spectacular spots such as the Bay of Kotor. Undoubtedly one of the prettiest bays in the world, it also boasts intriguing castles, fortress walls, cute fishing villages, orchards and so much more.

Every twist and turn of a ride along Montenegro’s coast reveals something new and enchanting. The dark history of this Balkan nation is now firmly consigned to the past and it is clear to see why the country is experiencing a renaissance as travellers flock to enjoy its charms.

Naturally, the Dalmatian coastline steals the plaudits; in summer riding this route will have you believing you are basking in a Mediterranean dream. That being said, summer days here can be busy; let that encourage you to head to the inland of Montenegro.

There is so much for you to feast your eyes upon; one of the most fascinating is the magnificent town of Kotor. Exploring this UNESCO World Heritage site is a joy with its winding lanes, cute squares and stunning Medieval architecture.

If it is wild landscapes and mountains that you crave, there is certainly no shortage to be found in this small nation of 650,000. Lovćen National Park is a must for keen riders, offering a superb route up to the summit of Babina Glav that offers panoramic views to take your breath away.

Put simply, Montenegro is back on the map and intrepid explorers are basking in its charms for good reason, so grab your bike and beat the crowds to revel in this spectacular nation’s beautiful sights.

Best Seasons:Mar - Sep
Popular Locations:Kotor, Mount Lovćen, Lovćen National Park, Bay of Kotor