Every hardy and adventurous cyclist always craves a new challenge to boast about riding for years to come and the gorgeous country of Bosnia and Herzegovina certainly ticks all the boxes.

While this young nation’s devastating past cannot be ignored, neither should its stunning mountainous landscapes, hospitable locals, beautiful architecture and exquisite waterfalls. Bosnia and Herzegovina offers up a plethora of fabulous sights that simply need to be experienced.

The glorious mountainscapes combined with eerie medieval castle ruins call out to cyclists who dream of proper intrepid exploring. Fortunately, every turn of the tires will satisfy such a desire and it only increases when you pedal through cute villages in Herzegovina along undulating paths that lead into the pretty town of Ljubinje.

While this is a land of tricky ascents, every single one is worthwhile for the breathtaking vistas. And if the views are not quite enough then Bosnia also boasts a superb wine scene to revel in.

A true highlight of any trip is to visit the magnificent 15th century Tvrdos Monastery, surrounded by vineyards. How many places can you say you have supped on a tasty red or white wine in the cellar of a monastery? It is Bosnia and Herzegovina at its finest, combining history with a delightful Mediterranean vibe.

Back on your bike there remains so much more to explore. The recently launched 250 kilometer (155 mile) Ciro trail from Dubrovnik in southern Croatia to Mostar in Bosnia is a wonderful route to take, and a clear indication of the willingness of the Balkan countries to invite tourists back into their nations.

History buffs and architecture lovers will delight in arriving in Mostar, a city that, much like the capital of Sarajevo, has been painfully restored. Both cities demand you hop off the bike and take the time to step back in time, marvel at the architecture and wander the amazing cobbled streets.

History, wine, mountains, excellent cycling routes, waterfalls, great weather, welcoming locals and wonderful architecture. Best get your trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina booked soon; this is a country that simply needs to be seen to be believed.

Best Seasons:Apr-Oct
Popular Locations:Mostar, Sarajevo, Ljubinje, Tvrdos Monastery