Some believe that food founded nations, here at Roar Adventures we believe this to be completely true! There's no better reward for your efforts than a fantastic and unique culinary experience that will far surpass your expectations. Food is as ubiquitous as language when travelling, and those who seek it out are never dissatisfied, no matter what amount of effort it took to get it. Wander back alleys or climb mountain passes in search of the world's best in food and drink.

Food and drink tours can be as small in scale as cycling your way through an ethnic neighbourhood, or you could be cycling your way through an entire province going from winery to farm to restaurant over and over again. The cycling you do offsets the calories you consume during your many world class meals, leaving you guilt free as your gorge yourself in delicious food and drink.

In the west, Tuscany in Italy, the Alsace in France, and Andalusia in Spain may be some of the world's most recognisable food regions. However, Vietnam, Thailand, India, and Japan are all making strong statements for the east. This is great news for cyclists as each one of those countries make for an absolutely fantastic cycling holiday.

If you’re looking for a gastronomic getaway, booking a food lover's tour is definitely for you, or the whole family. No matter what your skill level is as a rider, or your experience as a traveller, there is a food tour for you. Even if you want to partake in a culinary adventure as part of a bigger cycling vacation, there are plenty of opportunities for you to indulge yourself while in the saddle. So saddle up, bring your appetite, and let your stomach lead the way to memorable adventure.

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