Travellers to Australia often find themselves zig-zagging down the country’s famous East Coast. However, hearty explorers and especially avid bicycle tour lovers should ignore Western Australia at their peril. This huge state boasts spectacular coastline, fantastic wine, incredible wildlife, ancient Aboriginal culture, waterfalls, gorges and so much more. It is a playground of beauty for the adventurer. 

Australia is renowned for its unique wildlife and Western Australia is no different. However, the state boasts a creature the rest of the country does not - the Quokka. This cute marsupial lives on Rottnest Island, reachable from Perth by ferry. With no vehicles allowed on the island, it is a wonderful place to pedal around and explore the secluded coves, gorgeous beaches and naturally, grab a couple of snaps of its most famous residents. 

Back in Perth, it is worth taking the time to wander or pedal around leafy Kings Park and checking out the neighbouring bohemian port town of Fremantle, which boasts gorgeous Victorian architecture, excellent markets, and great live music. 

Of course, if your legs are up for the challenge then after resting up in ‘Freo’ - as the locals call it - you can pedal out from Perth via York on a whopping ride along the Nullarbor Plain that connects Western Australia and South Australia. Cycling alongside the Great Australian Bight coast, this flat but lengthy ride is for the brave-hearted, who really to experience rural Australia at its finest. 

However, if you are the kind of traveller who treasures the finer things in life then Margaret River and its surroundings will tick the boxes. This is pure and beautiful cycling territory with excellent beaches, limestone caves, two pretty lighthouses located north and south of the town, plus a wide range of superb wineries and craft breweries designed to satisfy your palette. 

Heading up the coast north of Perth, wildlife lovers will find further opportunities for truly unique experiences. For instance, heading out to Exmouth on the North West Cape offers the chance to hit the water with gentle giants such as migratory whale sharks - an incredible experience like none other. 

While most of the action in Western Australia is located to the south, keen cyclists should not miss out on the treasures of the Kimberley region located in the north of this huge state. The beach-side town of Broome boasts a spectacular beach and sunsets to match, plus ancient dinosaur prints revealed in the rocks at low tide. 

Cycle Gibb River Road

Discover WA's diversity and enchanting beauty by bicycle

Additionally, the Kimberley is home to the infamous and rugged Gibb River Road, which runs through the region’s heart revealing spectacular gorges, waterfalls and beautiful limestone cliffs. Brave cyclists who venture this far are richly rewarded, though the same can be said for those bicycle tour lovers who embrace the sheer beauty that is Western Australia. Come face to face with odd wildlife, jump into waterfalls, gorges, marvel at Aboriginal stories and experience some of the world’s best rural riding.

Best Seasons:September - February
Popular Locations:Margaret River, Nullarbor Plain, Rottnest Island, Kimberley