Discover this beautiful crater lake on day 3
Cycle along beautiful roads with lively traffic
Explore this charming part of Madagascar at the beginning of the tour
Experience the crater region of Tritriva and the glorious ups and downs
Enjoy a varied bike tour and experience a glimpse into different cultures
Spend day 12 hiking this spectacular national park and spotting lemurs
Hike in the ancient Andringitra massif on day 10
Experience cycling through the varied terrain of Madagascar
Changing landscapes emerge as you tour through the country
Experience riding over a variety of terrain on this diverse tour
Bike and hike through the glorious landscapes with several treks arranged through National Parks on this tour
Explore the ruggedly beautiful Isalo National Park by foot
Enjoy the tarmac as you head towards Toliara
Unique and glorious baobab trees of Madagascar
Have fun on the dirt roads of the route
Spot the lemurs as you trek through Ranomafana rainforest
Discover the natural beauty of Madagascar
Cycle tour Madagascar and enjoy the views
Enjoy some hiking to get up close and personal to the Madagascan flora and fauna
Watch the Vezo fisherman when you reach Toliara
Spectacular setting with spacious tents, bathrooms and a central bar and restaurant

Cycle Madagascar from the Highlands to the Coast

16 days
Site savings
$2,605 USD

Cycling from the Malagasy highlands to the coast is one unforgettable experience to discover the fourth biggest island in the world. From Antsirabe to Ifaty beach you will cover about 580 km (360 mi) of cycling. This trip gives cyclists a good chance to meet local people, learn about their culture and customs, explore fauna and flora and of course cycle through villages and different landscapes. This itinerary is a well-balanced tour, not only the accommodation and highlights but as well the mixing of tarmac road and off-road terrains. Experience this very special bike ride through Madagascar.

  • Category
    Cultural & Historical
  • Type
    Fully Guided
  • Duration
    16 days
  • Culture Level
    Out There
  • Skill Level
    3 - Intermediate
  • Activity Level
    3 - Active
  • Elevation
    2 - Moderate
  • Terrain
  • Distance
    348 miles
  • Avg. Daily Distance
    43.5 miles
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  • Where does the tour start and end?

    The tour starts in Antananarivo and ends in Toliara. Fly in to Ivato International Airport (TNR) and fly out of Toliara airport (TLE).

  • How long is the tour? How many days cycling?

    The tour is 16 days long with 8 days cycling.

  • What's the tour like?

    The tour covers 560 km/347mi (with approximate 165 km/102 mi dirt road) over 8 cycling days. A support car is available for most of the tour and varying distances can be achieved on this tour as the operator is flexible to support your wishes. The biking terrain varies considerably on the tour as does the landscape as you traverse Madagascar.

    The tour also includes several visits and hikes in the epic landscapes as detailed in the itinerary, these include National Parks - Visit in Ranomafana (hiking) and Isalo NP (hiking); Private Parks - Anja, villagers Park, (hiking). Region - Vakinankaratra region around Antsirabe and Andringitra massif and region (hiking).

    At the end of the tour, you will also spend two full days at the beach, soaking up the Indian Ocean views. Here you can be as active or sedentary as you wish with snorkelling and swimming available and walks.

    Madagascar is a third world country that is not fully geared up to tourism. Therefore be prepared to expect changes to the itinerary or accommodation right up the last minute. Due to weather conditions, (rain or cyclones) whole areas can be flooded or bridges may be destroyed. Aircraft may not fly; trains are not always on time – sometimes not at all. The standard of roads and accommodation is not the same as in Europe or other developed countries. Don’t forget: You’re on holidays. The tour operator is flexible in terms of distances and timings. If you need to do some extra miles, they will be happy to arrange this for you. If you think a bit less is fine, the support car is often very close at hand.

    Typically, you will be sharing your experiences with like-minded bikers and you'll have a cycling tour manager with you. Whether you are travelling alone or with friends, the tour is good value and a great way to meet new people. Although the itinerary is scheduled, there is some flexibility according to your needs. This trip will appeal to travellers of all ages who enjoy meeting new people as well as experiencing new cultures.

    Please bring a sense of adventure when travelling to Madagascar. It is a developing destination and you will be cycling through remote areas where hotels, infrastructure and travel services are often basic. Be prepared to go outside your usual comfort zone and you will be richly rewarded. Discovering the real Madagascar at close hand is what this challenge is all about.

Overall Rating:
David from Great Britain
(Review obtained from Tour Operator)

Once out of the rackety colonial city of Antsirabe, unfrequented roads and rough dirt tracks take you through a succession of spectacular filmsets: Middle Earth with rice paddies, a rainforest teeming with lemurs and chameleons, the American West (with sapphire prospectors and mountains like a mini-Yosemite) and an Indian Ocean beach featuring sail-powered fishing canoes by day and myriad stars by night. You will be welcomed by people who know the uses of standing stones, who steal and sacrifice oxen, who have never seen a movie screen (for there are none in Madagascar) and who take direction from ancestors in their dreams. Local manufactures are demonstrated. Poverty is everywhere, but so too is human dignity and the enjoyment of life. This professionally-run trip, developed over several years by a German settled in Madagascar, offers competent mountain-bikers the opportunity to experience a unique biosphere and culture before large-scale tourism begins. The mountain bikes are of good quality, and excellently maintained. The schedule is flexible, allowing for extra kilometres on the bike or extra time in the support bus. Food and accommodation are at least serviceable, often better. The beach hotel at the end is quite special, and more than makes up for any hardship along the way. I went in March/April and didn’t regret it my early-season choice: there were occasional thundershowers, but the flowers were out and we had most of the sites (and some of the hotels) to ourselves. Madagascar, like its people, is in some respects a blend of Africa and Asia. If you are contemplating a bike tour in either continent, you’d be hard pressed to beat this one.

Christoph and Maria from Austria
(Review obtained from Tour Operator)

"Madagaskar zu erkunden ist, meiner Meinung nach, per Rad die allerbeste Möglichkeit. Die individuelle und herzliche Rundumbetreuung des Teams vor Ort war einmalig!!!""

(To explore Madagascar is, in my opinion, the best way by bike. The individual and warm all-round support of the team on site was unique!)

Rose from United States
(Review obtained from Tour Operator)

"You work diligently to make this a trip we will enjoy and have no problems."