Uncover the beauty of Madagascar and it's people
Exceptional beauty on this unique tour of Madagascar
Trek through captivating landscapes formed during the Jurassic-era
With over 100 species in Madagascar, get your fill of these fascinating animal
Be dwarfed by massive mountain ranges
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Bike and Hike Wild Madagascar

15 days
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$3,589 USD

Throw yourself and the two-wheels of your bike into the land of Madagascar and all its wonderful natural sights. Bike, hike and bask in the dazzling array of landscapes that include savannahs, sea, mountains, beaches and rainforest. Spot wildlife that’s endemic to Madagascar and embrace an adventure like no other on this epic cycling trip.

  • Category
  • Type
    Fully Guided
  • Duration
    15 days
  • Culture Level
    Out There
  • Skill Level
    2 - Novice
  • Activity Level
    4 - Challenging
  • Elevation
    2 - Moderate
  • Terrain
  • Distance
    322.5 miles
  • Avg. Daily Distance
    36 miles
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Quick Stats

  • Duration
    15 days
  • Main Destination
  • Distance
    322.5 miles
  • Avg. Daily Distance
    36 miles
  • Elevation
    2 - Moderate
  • Terrain

Route Map (click to view larger image)

Itinerary Details

  1. Day 1Arriving in Antananarivo

    Arrive in Madagascar’s capital of Antananarivo, known locally as Tana. If you arrive early you can take the time to explore this city’s rich history and fascinating architectural sites. But be aware that the city is full of ancient stone steps and it may not be the best way to prepare for the cycling trip ahead; however, if you are feeling brave the sights are a great reward before everyone meets for dinner and a tour briefing. Tomorrow the real journey begins.

    • Combava Hotel
    • Dinner
  2. Day 2Rolling out in Antsirabe

    After yesterday’s meets and greets it’s time to get down to business and explore this wonderful country. Following a delightful breakfast it’s all aboard the van to head south to Antsirabe.

    En route you will take the time to stop at an aluminium pot factory, but it is the combination of fruit plantations and seemingly never-ending rice paddies that steal the show. Your eyes will be glued to the windows of the vehicle, knowing that soon you’ll be out riding the view.

    Once you have arrived it’s time to saddle up and roll out for an introductory ride. Pedaling at a leisurely pace you can take the time to adjust while marvelling at Madagascar’s special wilderness.

    • 12.4 miles
    • Chambres du Voyageur
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  3. Day 3Cranking up a gear with gorgeous lakes and legends

    Today, the team rolls out on a circuitous route around Antsirabe.

    Boasting two impressive crater lakes, the ride will be gentle on paved and dirt roads. Mystical stories abound in these parts with the first caldera – a former water sports activities center – thought to be haunted by a pregnant woman, who drowned herself there many years ago. The story goes that her ghost now rests on a lakeside rock.

    Continuing your climb on two wheels up past rice paddies you will eventually reach Lake Tritriva, which sits at the end of a single track trail. Surrounded by lush greenery, this huge body of water is situated right at the top of Mount Tritriva, making it one of the most unique locations in the world.

    Bizarrely, the lake’s water levels are known to drop during the monsoon period and overflow in the dry season. The lake has its own spooky stories as well. The most intriguing one is a love story of a couple who jumped off the cliff and into the lake so they could drown and be together for eternity.

    A tasty picnic is held at this mysterious spot before everyone jumps back on the bikes for a descent back to the accommodation.

    • 33.6 miles
    • 1,866.8 ft
      1,866.8 ft
    • Chambres du Voyageur
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  4. Day 4Smooth riding and wonderful wood carving

    Today’s ride is one of the longest at 95km (59 mi), but with easy paved roads and few inclines it is also one of the more breezy days. Heading south to Ambositra you are accompanied on your way by an array of rice terraces, while the local Zafimaniry – an ethnic people renowned for their wood carving – make this a fascinating route to pedal.

    There is time to stop and visit a carpenter, who graciously takes the time to show off his carving skills, passed down through generations. It is a brilliant display to witness before you head back to the hotel and rest.

    • 59 miles
    • 2,687 ft
      2,687 ft
    • Artisan Hotel
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  5. Day 5Embracing the wild with a rainforest ride

    Dramatic landscapes and Madagascar are no strangers to one another. Few countries can boast desert and rainforest in such close proximity. Today, you’ll get to experience the rainforest.

    There will be a two-hour van transfer to the jump off point at the small village of Camp Robin. As the kilometers tick by, you’ll glide through fields and finish at a lush rainforest. Further down the road you will encounter a valley of giant granite boulders and Ambohimahasoa’s patchwork of fields and terraced rice paddies.

    There are a couple of moderate climbs to tackle today before you reach the Ranomafana National Park. Tonight you go even wilder with a stay in a lodge right on the river in the heart of the rainforest.

    • 40.4 miles
    • 3,215.2 ft
      3,215.2 ft
    • Le Grenat
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  6. Day 6Coming face-to-face with Madagascar’s magnificent wildlife

    Switch things up and use your feet rather than wheels to get around. Ranomafana National Park is a sight to behold and easier to navigate on foot.

    Renowned as a natural treasure, today is all about spotting animals and boy are there quite a few to choose from. Madagascar is famous for its golden bamboo lemurs, while there are also more than 100 bird species, 30 of which are native, to try and observe.

    This is a once-in-a-lifetime hike because of the spectacular array of animals, birds and endemic plants. If lucky enough, you may be able to spot a golden bamboo lemur, a species threatened by extinction.

    Today’s hike will last approximately four to six hours depending on where the lemurs are hiding. There will be a stop for lunch at a local restaurant and then the afternoon is yours for relaxing or exploring around the village. There are some nearby thermal springs which will be perfect for weary legs before everyone meets again for a night walk to check out the nocturnal wildlife, like the mouse lemur and the striped civet.

    • 7.5 miles
    • Le Grenat
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  7. Day 7Early bird catches the worm and a fragrant cup of tea

    As dawn breaks it is time to prepare and roll out. It’s an early start today and following a quick breakfast, you’ll hop in the van for a short ride up the hill. Starting at the top of the hill makes the day’s ride easier especially since the support vehicle won’t be able to follow the group. There will be some substantial off-roading and a few bridges can’t be crossed by the vehicle. However, the guides will always be available and everyone will reconvene for lunch at Madagascar’s solitary tea plantation, Sahambavy Tea Estate.

    Created in 1970, this estate sits perfectly against a sensational valley beside Lake Sahambavy. It produces large quantities of tea, for export and local use. The surroundings make for a perfect place to spend an evening; tonight’s accommodation are picturesque bungalows nestled in the gardens overlooking a lake.

    • 32.9 miles
    • 2,706.7 ft
      2,706.7 ft
    • Lac Hotel
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  8. Day 8Souvenir shopping contrasted with the fine wine region of Ambalavao

    Following a hearty breakfast you will transfer to the city of Fianarantsoa where some free time is provided for you to pick up souvenirs and do a bit of shopping.

    Eventually, you’ll leave the city and ride southward through breath-taking landscapes. Vineyards, rice paddies and rocky outcrops lead the way as you pedal on. There is an enjoyable downhill section to relish before you climb up to Ambalavao, the wine region of Madagascar.

    The brightly colored buildings will signal that you’ve arrived and are perfect backdrops for your photos.

    • 34.8 miles
    • 2,362.2 ft
      2,362.2 ft
    • Espace Zongo
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  9. Day 9Ever-changing landscapes keep you glued to the saddle

    Leaving behind the market town of Ambalavao you will continue further south; you’ll soon notice a shift in scenery.

    Gradually, granite mountains loom into view accompanied by grassland savannahs. Awaiting further down the road is the natural reserve of Anja, home to a fine combination of unusual cliff formations, exotic plants, caves, tombs and ring-tailed lemurs.

    There is an hour to spare and wander around the park. Roll out again on the road cutting through the Tsaranoro Valley of the Andringitra Range. After some off-road battling today, your reward is a natural swimming pool at tonight’s accommodation.

    • 36.7 miles
    • 2,893.7 ft
      2,893.7 ft
    • Camp Catta
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  10. Day 10Swapping wheels for feet to bask in the nature and landscapes

    Madagascar is home to desert, rainforest, sprawling coastline and mountains. Is there any landscape it doesn’t have? Nope!

    This day is reserved for hiking around the edge of the granite Andringitra Massif. This rugged range was formed by a volcanic event millions of years ago and now it has been transformed into a heaven for hikers. It is also renowned to be home to the famous ring-tailed lemurs plus a whole array of other animals and plants unique to the country.

    The rich biodiversity led to Andringitra being declared a nature reserve in 1927, and, 60 years later, a national park. The goal of today’s hike is to reach Chameleon Peak, which provides sweeping panoramic views out over the rocky highland.

    The hike lasts 4-6 hours with the afternoon free for you to revel in a swim and to try spotting a few more ring-tail lemurs as they venture through the camp.

    • 8.7 miles
    • Camp Catta
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  11. Day 11Diving into the depths of desert

    This morning, rebuild your strength in the car as everyone takes a four hour transfer back to Ankaramena. There will be a quick stopover so you can sink your teeth into the juicy mangos and papayas that this place is so well known for.

    After the fruit break, continue on driving past Ihosy until another stop for lunch. Feeling well-rested it’s time to get those wheels whirring again as you pedal downhill across the Horombe Plateau.

    The difference in landscapes is noticeable as a vast savannah slowly appears before you. Dry grass reflects the sunlight and villages punctuate the route after long distances. In this region, the local ethnic group of Barra people live and breed Zebu cattle.

    The riding today is mostly flat, though it begins with a few hills, before things are wrapped up in the town of Ranohira. You’ll rest for the evening in a lodge at the base of I’Isalo National Park with sunsets to die for.

    • 46.6 miles
    • 1,089.2 ft
      1,089.2 ft
    • Hotel H1
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  12. Day 12Jumping into a real life Jurassic-era Park

    The voyage into the I’Isalo National Park underscores that Madagascar is an adventure lover’s paradise. The region is a wild combination of wind-battered rock towers, glorious gorges, never-ending canyons, and oases.

    A short bike ride leads you to the jump off point of your trek through this Jurassic-era landscape. Imagine yourself in the film Jurassic Park as you go through captivating landscapes formed by millions of years of erosion.

    Keep your eyes peeled for ring-tailed lemurs on the hike before reaching a waterfall and natural pool – the perfect place for a refreshing dip and splash around. A picnic lunch is enjoyed before going up the canyon to see the blue and black natural pools.

    After walking for 4-6 hours it’s time to hop back in the vans and transfer to the hotel.

    • 9.3 miles
    • Hotel H1
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  13. Day 13Pedal power around the national park before the sea beckons

    Following breakfast the team pedals off to explore the park and its impressive sandstone formations, rugged canyons and grasslands. The route winds its way to the town of Ilakaka, which is known for its alluvial sapphire deposits. Following this early ride, the bikes will be loaded into the van for a five hour drive to the coastal town of Toliara.

    En route, there will be a stop for a picnic lunch before reaching Toliara, an important trade center in Southern Madagascar. Tonight’s stay will be in a charming hotel on the Bay of Ifaty, just a stone’s throw from the alluring blue sea.

    • 19.9 miles
    • 1,286.1 ft
      1,286.1 ft
    • La Mira
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  14. Day 14A richly deserved beach bum day

    After lengthy exertions on both bike and foot you have earned the reward of a beach bum day. Your legs will thank you as you soak up the warm sun on the beach. The turquoise water of the Indian Ocean will tempt you for a dip as you swap stories with your new friends about everything you did the past few days.

    There are also options of discovering the marine life while snorkelling, or taking a walk nearby to learn about Madagascar’s unique plant life.

    In the evening, round things off with a farewell dinner to celebrate all that you have discovered.

    • La Mira
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  15. Day 15Moving on from Madagascar packed full of wonderful memories

    The inevitable has come; today, you all part ways. There’s enough time for one last breakfast before you head in separate directions.

    The guides will be happy to assist with extending your holiday on the beach or arranging a transfer to the airport if required. Whatever you do though it will be hard to beat this wonderful adventure in Madagascar.

    • Breakfast