Check off this iconic heritage site from your bucket list
Sniff the fragrant fruits and immerse yourself in Vietnam and Cambodia's colors
Roll those wheels in the countryside and have glimpse of the local life
Maximize your vacation and explore two countries
Have fun and at the same time learn history

Road Biking from Saigon to Angkor

13 days
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$2,707 USD


Hop aboard your road bike and glide through the glorious backdrops of both Vietnam and Cambodia on this spectacular journey of a lifetime. Marvel at the jaw dropping beauty of Angkor Wat, delve into the dark and fascinating history of Vietnam, kick back on beaches and explore fine hilltop cities. Along the way, enjoy the encouragement and welcoming approach of locals as you tackle this superb bicycle adventure.

  • Category
    Road Cycling
  • Destination
  • Duration
    13 days
  • Culture Level
  • Skill Level
    3 - Intermediate
  • Activity Level
    4 - Challenging
  • Elevation
    3 - Intermediate
  • Terrain
  • Distance
    681 miles
  • Avg. Daily Distance
    67.7 miles
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  1. Day 1Sightseeing in Saigon

    It’s exciting times as you meet up for the first time with the group at a hotel in Saigon by 3:00 pm. But before you get stuck into the nitty gritty of what you can look forward to on tour, there's a chance to explore the fabulous city that is Saigon.

    Having met in the hotel lobby, the group will head for a city tour. The first stop is the Reunification Hall, which was the first building to be seized by North Vietnamese tanks in 1975, marking the beginning of the fall of Saigon. Following this you will meander along through the major sights of colonial Ho Chi Minh before going to dinner.

    During the evening meal, the group will run through the tour and what it has in store before heading back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep, if you can manage it with all the excitement.

  2. Day 2Pushing on to reach Phan Thiet’s beaches

    Temper the enthusiasm for the ride ahead briefly as you transfer a few hours out of colorful Saigon to avoid the mayhem of traffic. The wait will be well worth it as you sit on the saddle and fly along flat roads with the sun rays bouncing off your back.

    Gliding past the Ta Kou National Reserve you will spin your tires between sand dunes, pine forests and seas until you reach the scintillating beaches at Phan Thiet. White sand awaits you to kick back and relax in after you finish up riding.

    • 62.1 miles
  3. Day 3Up, up and away to Dalat

    Coastline and flat road riding dominates throughout this tour. But after getting accustomed to your bike and stretching out on the beach at Phan Tiet, it’s time for your toughest day of the tour as you leave behind the easy roads and head upwards to the hill station city of Dalat.

    Situated at more than 1,500 meters (4921 ft) this is a challenging ride for your road bikes, particularly as you climb 700 meters (2297 ft) in just 10 kilometers (6mi) at one stage. Throughout this knee-knocking climb, the views are astounding, however if you feel the need to jump in the support vehicle, it is readily available. Having summited Dalat, the rest of the day is free for you to recuperate and stroll around this beautiful colonial city.

    • 72.1 miles
  4. Day 4Whizzing away to Madagui

    What goes up must come down, right? Well, fortunately today that is us, as the reward for your punishing ride to Dalat is to go down the mountainside. Of course, the group will slow up at certain points to relish the Central Highlands in front that are typified by rich red earth, plus banana and rubber plantations scattered everywhere.

    The smell of tea leaves and coffee beans will also float past your nostrils as this is where Vietnam’s finest is grown. Dismount at the small town of Dambri before a transfer to Madagui where you will spend the evening. There is one further highlight as you  cross a bouncy yet safe suspension bridge over the Da Huoai River to reach our rooms.

    • 99.4 miles
  5. Day 5Feast your eyes on farms and forests

    Get started on this morning by transferring away from the busy national road to locate a quiet cycling spot to get your wheels moving on. Having reached this place a couple of hours later, it is full steam ahead as you cycle past numerous farms including those that produce pepper, cashews and pomelos.

    The route leads to Tri An lake and is split up by a couple of ferry crossings. Beautiful nature continues to flow as you ride through eucalyptus forests, coffee and rubber tree plantations. Following the final ferry ride, cycle through the city of Binh Duong before reaching the infamous Cu Chi Tunnels that were famously used by the North Vietnamese Army during the war. After this fascinating historical visit, ride a further 20km (12mi) to reach the hotel for the evening.

    • 74.6 miles
  6. Day 6Wheeling your way out of Vietnam and into Cambodia

    Before making your way over the border and get sweaty again, it’s high time you afford yourself a bit of luxury. The haven of Les Hameaux de l'Orient hotel provides that in spades. In the morning you can enjoy the swimming pool before wolfing down a glorious breakfast. After this sumptuous spell, head for the bikes and ride along rice fields and pretty canals before stopping to visit the Cao Dai temples. This is the last stop in Vietnam before you transfer over the border and enter Cambodia.

    Freshly settled in your new destination and home country for the rest of the tour, feast your eyes on the new land ahead. Cycling past traditional wooden houses on stilts against the vistas of vast rice fields, you'll get your first insights into rural Cambodian life. Having screeched the wheels to a halt in the town of Prey Veng, jump in the vehicles and drive two hours to Phnom Penh.

    • 62.1 miles
  7. Day 7Put your bike down in Phnom Penh

    It’s time to relax and you have certainly earned it. So today is a scheduled rest day as you put the bikes down and the day is your own to dive into the charming capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh city. There are a wealth of sights, sounds and smells to explore and your local and experienced guides will be more than happy to recommend where you should head to first. Both lunch and dinner are also on your own but Cambodia’s capital offers a wealth of options to choose from, so you’ll have no trouble in this department.

  8. Day 8Cambodian countryside cheers you onwards

    Having cycled out of Phnom Penh’s sprawling roads and traffic it is time for you to truly experience the Cambodian culture and countryside. Cycling over the Japanese bridge as you get further out of the city, you will share the road with fewer people. As the quiet envelops you, gaze at the countryside with a ride past Oudong – the ancient Cambodian capital where old Royal palaces still remain.

    Take this opportunity to visit one of the stupas before heading for the paved road out and towards Kompong Chhnang. This floating village is a photographer’s dream and makes for quite the sight as you wander round and take in the views. Few tourists come out here and you will be sure to experience the kindness and welcoming Cambodian hospitality with people smiling and greeting you frequently.

    • 55.9 miles
  9. Day 9Pedaling past Pursat to the pool

    Flat and downhill riding are making the days fly by and today is no different as you head north to Pursat, another provincial capital in Cambodia. This region is renowned for its craftsmen and the scenery will change as you approach town with huge, sculpted Buddhas and statues lining the streets.

    There will be a stop for a local lunch of Khmer food before whizzing away in the direction of the hotel. There is a great treat in store here as it comes complete with a swimming pool to refresh in and ease the muscle aches.

    • 62.1 miles
  10. Day 10Roll into the rice bowl of Battambang

    Rice paddies abound as you continue riding north and it makes for the most breath-taking backdrop you can imagine as you head into Battambang province. This town is unsurprisingly known as the rice bowl of Cambodia and it’s easy to see why on the outskirts.

    Further into this quieter town there is a laid back atmosphere and before you reach the hotel, there will be a stop to check out the Khmer King statue, which is holding a stick to discourage rebellions. The town itself is littered with such mythical, whimsical and real statues, many of which are animals, next door to French colonial buildings. All in all it makes Battambang a superb place to slowly stroll around and you will have plenty of time to do this before dinner.

    • 74.6 miles
  11. Day 11Full steam ahead to Siem Reap

    This is a lengthy day of cycling as you approach the final throes of this incredible adventure, but typically it combines flat roads with history as you tackle the highway connecting Battambang and Angkor Wat. You will feel a sense of energy and adrenaline pushing you on with superb vistas accompanying you on the route as you ride a whopping 160km (99mi) to reach the Western Gate of Angkor Wat.

    The temples will be left for tomorrow as you sit back in an open field and watch the glorious show of a sunset over the sugar palm trees and open fields. Following this marvelous moment, head for the hotel and then out to dinner together.

    • 99.4 miles
  12. Day 12Wow moments at Angkor Wat

    A truly unique opportunity of this tour is the chance to explore the world famous Angkor temple complexes and today is that day. Set off by riding to the entrance of Angkor Wat. Immediately the beauty of the place hits you particularly when you see Ta Prohm, renowned for its role in the Tomb Raider films and left just as it was discovered by French conservationists with vast root systems of the jungle enveloping the gasping temples below. The Buddhist temple oozes in atmosphere and will likely leave you lost for words. And you won’t regain them any time soon once you catch first glimpse of Angkor Wat itself – the largest Hindu edifice on the planet. The seventh wonder of the world is bestowed with incredible carvings and is a subject of fierce national pride in Cambodia. Following this magnificent tour of the temple complex, ride back to Siem Reap to meet for one final farewell dinner and look back on this incredible adventure together. It has been a journey of epic proportions with so many sights, sounds and smells to remember, and it will be a memory to treasure.

    • 18.6 miles
  13. Day 13So hard to say goodbye

    That time has come. It’s time to say goodbye after what has been an absolutely beautiful experience on this cycling adventure together. Have breakfast together, and then the morning is free for you to take in some last moments in Siem Reap. From here you will transfer to the airport to head home or to your next destination.