Ride through fascinating countries on an incredible road cycling tour
Cross borders with like-minded cycling enthusiasts
Take time out to bum around and enjoy the beach
Never get tired of the scenery which varies from tranquil beaches to lush green forests
Make sure you snap some photos. This is just an amazing view!
Enjoy the many sights to see along the way. This old bridge tells a thousand tales
One of the breathtaking views of the tour. You'll be passing through lush green  tropical forests en route

Thailand to Malaysia by Road Bike

12 days
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$3,346 USD

A road cycling odyssey through a less-explored region of Southeast Asia, offering ample contrast and the best of both. Ride from beaches to mountains. Stay remote, then explore the city. Experience colonial charm and hyper-modernity. Having it all isn't a stretch on this ride from coastal Thailand to bustling Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with fantastic natural scenery, amazing food, and achievable distances that tell the full story one country to the next! This tour runs from Krabi, Thailand to Kuala Lumpur.

  • Category
    Road Cycling
  • Type
    Fully Guided
  • Duration
    12 days
  • Culture Level
  • Skill Level
    3 - Intermediate
  • Activity Level
    4 - Challenging
  • Elevation
    3 - Intermediate
  • Terrain
  • Distance
    643.7 miles
  • Avg. Daily Distance
    71.5 miles
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Quick Stats

  • Duration
    12 days
  • Main Destination
  • Distance
    643.7 miles
  • Avg. Daily Distance
    71.5 miles
  • Elevation
    3 - Intermediate
  • Terrain

Route Map (click to view larger image)

Itinerary Details

  1. Day 1Meet in Krabi
  2. Day 2Krabi to Pak Meng

    The first 35 km (21mi) will be on a bicycle lane and back road to avoid the busy traffic of Krabi. You will ride together at steady paces through mangroves, rubber trees, and palm plantations. At the 50-km (31mi) point, you will take your first break after the warm-up ride. As you continue south, you will have a few rolling hills for the next 10 km (6.2mi) before the route flattens out. You will end by riding along the Andaman coast directly to your hotel.

    • 71.5 miles

    • 1,505.9 ft
      1,505.9 ft
    • Pak Meng Resort
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  3. Day 3Pak Meng to Koh Sukorn

    After breakfast, you will start by riding on a scenic road alongside the sea before heading to Koh Sukorn, otherwise known as Pig Island. For those in the mood for hot springs, you can take a slight detour and have time for a dip. Back in the saddle, you'll be cycling through thick mangrove forests and then rubber and palm plantations, taking in the fresh air and peaceful natural surroundings along the way to the ferry. You will leave your bike on the mainland and take a 20-minute boat ride to the island resort. Spend the afternoon relaxing on the beach or take a kayak out to explore the island.

    • 64.6 miles
    • 72.2 ft
      1,994.8 ft
      1,922.6 ft
    • Yataa Resort, Koh Sukorn
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  4. Day 4Koh Sukorn to Satun

    Today, you'll cross back to the mainland and stick to back roads to see rural Thailand at its best as you cycle past colorful mosques and remote villages. You'll see some interesting landscapes, lots of friendly smiles, and plenty of unspoilt nature. Once you reach Satun, depending on the time, you can explore the monkey mountain or the night market in this border city before returning to the hotel.

    • 74.6 miles
    • 95.1 ft
      1,768.4 ft
      1,673.2 ft
    • The One Boutique Hotel, Satun
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  5. Day 5Satun to Alor Setar

    This morning starts with a 40-km (25 mi) ride to the border. Once you have cycled the first 6 km (3.7 mi) in Malaysia, you will hit the only hill of the day, but the ride up will be tough and is sure to get your heart rate up! After a moderately challenging uphill ride, you will, of course, have a great downhill to follow before enjoying flat and smooth riding all the way to the hotel in Alor Setar, home to the Central State Administration Centre and the birthplace of two of Malaysia's prime ministers.

    • 84.5 miles
    • -26.2 ft
      1,715.9 ft
      1,742.1 ft
    • Grand Alora, Alor Setar
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  6. Day 6Alor Setar to Georgetown

    Today is another flat and scenic ride as you hug the coast. There will be a few rolling hills when you skirt Hutan Lipur Rekreasi Tupah, or Tupah Recreational Forest, a protected area in Kuala Muda District, which also provides some welcome shade, and those in need of a cool-down can go for a refreshing dip in the river. The highlight of the day will be crossing to the island of Penang where you will overnight at the colonial town of Georgetown, famed for its eclectic mix of colonial-style architecture. Tonight, you can hit the town to discover some of the town's famous delicacies and learn the tasty truth behind Georgetown's nickname -- Malaysia's food capital.

    • 69 miles
    • 65.6 ft
      1,437 ft
      1,371.4 ft
    • Hotel Neo+, Georgetown
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  7. Day 7Georgetown Rest Day

    Time off the saddle, you are free to discover Georgetown, Penang’s cultural center and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the streets, the heritage buildings and find the many treasures of whimsical paintings and sculptures as well as interactive murals inspired by daily life. Discover the array of colorful mosques in Chinatown and take a stroll through rustic Chinese shophouses, visit Chinese temples, and shop for spices in Little India. Or, you might be drawn to the town's many Western-style skyscrapers and massive shopping complexes set amidst British Raj–era architecture. Be sure to take advantage of Georgetown's world-renowned status as a food capital!

    • Hotel Neo+, Georgetown
    • Breakfast
  8. Day 8Georgetown to Ipoh

    After a day off the bikes, it's time for another great ride. You'll transfer by car from the island of Penang for about an hour and a half, and set up your bike near a local water park. The ride takes you along country roads, with a mix of local farms, forest, and palm plantations. You'll skirt the edges of Taiping, avoiding the busiest sections of the city before taking a break for a refreshing local snack, cendol, at a quiet riverside cafe. Then it's a fantastic, undulating ride through lush forests, all the way to your destination for the day, the town of Ipoh. Once you're checked into the hotel, you can have a swim in the rooftop pool, or simply admire the view of the mountains that frame the city.

    • 86.4 miles
    • 105 ft
      3,441.6 ft
      3,336.6 ft
    • M Roof Hotel, Ipoh
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  9. Day 9Ipoh to Cameron Highlands

    Rise early for a hearty breakfast and a head start on the biggest ride of the tour. You'll ride directly out of Ipoh and into the surrounding mountains towards Malaysia's central, jungled highlands. The ride is mostly flat as you leave Ipoh, but at roughly 25 kilometers (15 miles) you will start to climb. The climb is consistent, and not too steep, but it's a slow and steady journey on and up into the jungle. The support vehicle will be close by to grab fuel, a water refill, or to take a rest should you need it. After nearly 50 kilometers (30 miles) of climbing, you'll take a lunch break at the top and to admire the view. Then it's a fast and winding downhill through the town of Kampung Raja, followed by a final 8-kilometer (5 mile) ascent into Cameron Highlands town. You'll check into the hotel and rest your legs. Feel free to go for a swim, enjoy a hot bath, or admire the scenery from the balcony before dinner.

    • 60.3 miles
    • 4,678.5 ft
      7,247.4 ft
      2,568.9 ft
    • Heritage Hotel, Cameron Highlands
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  10. Day 10Cameron Highlands to Raub

    After yesterday's big climb, you will start the day off right with a big downhill! It's a long, cruising descent out of Cameron Highlands and past its famous tea estates, through rural greenhouse farms, and along an expansive dam before the terrain evens out. The rest of your ride is along an expansive road with plenty of shoulders through the Malaysian rainforest. The forest road is undulating, and you can expect several short climbs along the way, but nothing compared to yesterday's achievement! The final 40 kilometers (25 miles) is a flat ride through forest and palm farms to your accommodation at a quiet, hillside resort outside the town of Raub.

    • 82 miles
    • -4,399.6 ft
      3,034.8 ft
      7,434.4 ft
    • Laman Pesona Resort & Spa, Raub
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  11. Day 11Raub to Kuala Lumpur

    After breakfast, you'll continue riding into the town of Raub for a flat 30 kilometers (18.6 mi), before turning from the main road to the climb up Frazer Hill. It's a very gradual, 20-kilometer (12.4 mi) climb, but a shaded and quiet ride through a forested area. Once at the top, you'll take a snack break before tackling a fun descent that takes us out into an expansive road along a dam, surrounded by typical Malaysian rainforest. Your ride ends in the town of Kuala Kubu Bharu, a quiet and charming town with Chinese character and nice views of the surrounding scenery. You'll enjoy a tasty Malaysian lunch before packing up the bikes and transferring by car to the city of Kuala Lumpur. On the way, you'll have the opportunity to stop and visit the famous Batu Caves. Once in KL, you'll check into the hotel and regroup in the evening for a final, farewell and Malaysian feast!

    • 50.3 miles
    • -150.9 ft
      3,120.1 ft
      3,271 ft
    • Park Royal, Kuala Lumpur
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  12. Day 12 Departure

    After breakfast, the tour operator can arrange for a transfer to the airport for your return flight or to your hotel in Kuala Lumpur. The tour operator recommends extending your stay in Malaysia and exploring further in Singapore.

    • Breakfast