For those riders who spend a significant amount of time in the saddle, regular cycle tours may not quite be enough. If you’re a high caliber rider, try one of the more advanced cycle tours offered. Whether you’re a fit and competent road cyclist, or a thrill seeking mountain bike rider, there are tours for even the most skilled and experienced riders out there.

If you ride road on a regular basis and you’re no stranger to challenging terrain and pushing your physical limits, the average cycling tour may not be enough. If you want to see how you stack up against the best road racers in the world, try tackling one of the the most infamous race stages from one of the world's elite cycling series. If adventure is what you’re after then take the long way around by cycling one of the long distance tours that can take you from tip to tip of a country, or even through more than one. For those who are accustomed to the road then a more advanced tour may be for you.

If you consider yourself an avid mountain biker who’s used to bigger challenges and more technical terrain, you may want to book a tour that will match your competency. Find a tour that will put your lungs to the test and satisfy your thirst for adrenaline, creating a memorable, yet challenging experience for even the most confident riders.

Advanced tours will have more difficult terrain and often have less support, making the experience more challenging in every way. If you are an avid rider who is fit, confident, and independent, you may want to look for a tour that specifically has you in mind. No matter if it’s on or off road there is a tour to match your advanced skills.

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