The second largest continent in geographic size and in population, Africa is an immensely diverse collection of countries, peoples, and geographies that have enticed travellers for centuries. Few places conjure up exotic feelings as powerfully as does Africa, as it has forever been the beating heart of adventure seekers from all corners of the planet. The images of wild jungles, vast savannahs, sweeping deserts, and exotic cultures have populated the dreams of explorers, writers, and adventurers alike, beckoning the hardiest of travellers to explore its furthest reaches.

Able to contain the USA, Canada, and all of Europe within its borders, the African continent has a tendency to bewilder those who underestimate its size. The northern countries are almost all dominated by the wandering dunes of the Sahara desert; those along the Mediterranean coast offered some reprieve from the heat. Countries like Morocco have been the focus of the intrepid traveller’s eye for centuries while countries like Madagascar have helped redefine our idea of what makes a country exotic. Travelling Africa can be extremely trying at times, and also the most rewarding, as you cycle through lands inhabited by elephants, lions, cheetahs, and the oldest populations of people in history. If you’re amazed by the age of cities in Europe, just wait until you see the villages in Africa.

Take a tour through the spectacular Maasai Mara in southern Kenya, or try Kruger National Park in South Africa. Looking for something even more out there? Then tackle the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia or climb Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. When it comes to adventure, nothing can top Africa; the diversity of its landscapes and populations of wildlife combine with thousands of the most unique and ancient cultures on the planet to make for a truly memorable cycling experience.

Popular Locations:Serengeti wildebeest migration, Sahara Desert, Nile River


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