The Carpathian Mountains, renowned for their breathtaking vistas, are a cyclist's dream. They provide both serene pathways and adrenaline-pumping challenges. Another top attraction for avid cyclists is the Transfagarasan Highway. Known for its intricate hairpin turns, this route is often lauded as one of the most picturesque drives globally. As you pedal on, you're led to the mesmerising Balea Lake, a glacial marvel perched at over 2000 meters. Whether you're scouting for adventurous bike tours or just a tranquil ride by the seaside, Romania ensures a diverse cycling vacation tailored to every enthusiast's preference.

But there's more to Romania than just its bike trails. Dive into the country's rich tapestry of history, arts, and scenic allure. In mere hours, transport yourself from the flowing Danube River to captivating medieval towns, or from the bustling heart of Bucharest to the soothing embrace of the Black Sea. Consider Romania bike tours that encompass the charm of regions like Bucovina or Maramures.

Sighisoara, nestled in Transylvania, boasts cobblestone pathways and vibrant edifices that whisper tales of yore. Recognised as one of Europe's best-preserved medieval towns, it promises a trip back in time. Don't miss out on the painted monasteries of Bucovina, their walls adorned with frescoes that hark back to the 15th and 16th centuries, making them a must-visit during your Romania cycling holiday.

The allure of Romania isn't confined to its past. Delight in the country's traditional ethos and delectable culinary spread. Engage in age-old practices like sheep herding or cheese-making. Savour Romanian dishes, a mouthwatering fusion of Eastern European and Balkan flavours, ranging from robust stews to luscious desserts.

Spanning an expanse similar to the United Kingdom, Romania, derived from "Romanus" signifying "citizen of the Roman Empire," is a treasure trove awaiting discovery.  Romania is more than just a cycling destination; it's an experience. Cycling tours in Romania present not only the allure of the landscapes but also the heart of its cultural vibrancy. If you're plotting your next cycling adventure, make Romania your top pick. After all, where else would you find such a harmonious blend of the past and the present, nature, and culture, all awaiting your exploration on two wheels?

Best Seasons: May – September
Popular Locations:Carpathian Mountains, Danube Delta, Bran Castle, Sighisoara