History in abundance, gorgeous desert landscapes, World Heritage Sites, including the fabulous ancient city of Petra, plus world-renowned hospitality. The Kingdom of Jordan ticks all the right boxes and those intrigued enough to explore, particularly on a bicycle, will be richly rewarded with an adventure like none other.

Jordan’s relatively small size at just 402km (205 mi) in length makes it an attractive adventure for intrepid explorers. Over the centuries Nabataean tradesmen, Roman legionnaires, Muslim armies and Crusaders passed through and all left their mark. Thus the country is now proudly home to fascinating and diverse monuments and antiquities.

There are many wonderful cycling routes to enjoy in Jordan, including challenging ascents such as tackling Mount Nebo. The route that leads to the top will have you puffing, but the reward is great with a chance to see where Moses was reputedly buried and marvel at spectacular views over the valley below.

But better yet, the descent from Mount Nebo is thrilling and perfectly leads to the shores of the famous Dead Sea. Situated at 430.5 meters (1,412 ft) below sea level, Earth’s lowest elevation on land, you must take a dip - or a float should we say - in one of the world’s saltiest bodies of waters.

Alongside the Dead Sea, no visit to Jordan is truly complete without visiting the world-famous ancient city of Petra. Dating to around 300 BC, this astounding city, built directly into sandstone rock was only discovered in 1812. With a range of tombs, caves, and temples carved into the red, yellow and pink rock, Petra is a feast for your eyes and camera.

Al Siq Gorge

Immerse yourself in the ancient history of Jordan

However, the biggest ‘wow’ moment is truly when walking in through the narrow canyon of Al Siq, surrounded by 25 meters (80ft) walls before arriving at the breathtaking ornate temple of El Khazneh, which boasts a Greek-style facade. This makes any visit to Jordan worth it.

But fortunately, there is so much more to enjoy including mesmerising deserts that are such a dominant feature of Jordan. Cycling the mild ascents and descents to Wadi Araba affords ample opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous landscapes, but of course, Wadi Rum is the true highlight.

This stunning desert valley, home to weathered sandstone and red dunes, is where Lawrence of Arabia and Prince Faisal famously Arab troops for an attack on Aqaba in the First World War. After some cycling and exploring, a night camping out allows you the perfect chance to gaze at the stars, enjoy the finest traditional Bedouin hospitality and reflect on the sheer beauty of Jordan. There is truly no country like it.

Best Seasons:March - July
Popular Locations:Petra, Wadi Rum, Dead Sea, Mount Nebo