Whether it’s the soaring peaks of the Himalayas, the dense rainforests of Laos, the enchanting spirituality, or the exotic peoples, Asia has for generations captivated travellers around the globe. Few places are as vast and diverse as the countries the make up the eastern reaches of our planet making it a desirable destination for cycle tourists to indulge their senses and explore.

Get off the beaten path and cycle the back-roads and back alleys while looking for lost temples and busy markets in Southeast Asia, or try to comprehend the vast landscape of China while cycling through the limestone outcroppings of its Yunnan province. Asia is never what you expect it to be, yet it never disappoints. For those looking for more comforts, the mega-cities of Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, and Seoul offer all the modern comforts and luxury one could want while travelling. If true exotic adventure is what you seek, then island hopping in Indonesia or temple hunting in Myanmar are for you.

Beach bums flock to the coastlines in Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines as they offer some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Nature and spirituality are a common theme across Asia as the two often intertwine in the ruins of old temples, cities, and religious sites. The openness and generosity of the people found across Asia is second to none as the locals seem to enjoy sharing their country as much as others do exploring it.

Few places satisfy one's desire for adventure and exotic cultures as Asia can. Just the thought of cycling through the ruins at Angkor Wat in Cambodia, or finding a remote beach in southern Thailand, or exchanging conversation with a Buddhist monk in Myanmar are enough to stir a deep sense of wanderlust in almost any traveller. With improving infrastructure and well established tourism industries, the countries of Asia have never been easier to explore by bicycle then they are now.

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