Few countries sum up the meaning of a proper adventure quite like Canada. The world’s second largest land mass is a smorgasbord of backdrops, each more jaw-dropping than the last. Mountains, glaciers, rainforests, beaches, rivers and cities – it is all here. Furthermore, with the famous welcoming nature of Canadians, you will quickly discover why no one ever wants to leave. So what better way to explore this country than to take your time and check everything out on a bicycle?

If you crave dirt flying off your tires and a bumpy ride then a great place to start is to head off-road and follow the Yukon River. The best time of year to hit up this mountain biking dream is during the summer solstice when you have more daylight. Keep your eyes peeled for a moose or 50 because you will be going truly rural on this ride.

The Yukon territory offers up a staggering 59 different trails to tuck into, all of varying degrees of difficulty. However, if you prefer a slower pace, glistening water and beauty at every turn then you simply have to ride Ontario’s southeastern Waterfront Trail. Totalling 780 km (485 mi), you can pick up this ride where you like, though we recommend combining it with a ride into the French-speaking Quebec City for the ultimate experience.

This wonderful city blends gorgeous architecture with narrow streets, cute bistros, art studios and a distinctly European feel. It is perfect for culture vultures who want a relaxed bicycle tour, sampling the local delights. Additionally, if you time your visit in July you can catch the Quebec City Summer Festival, which attracts a multitude of famous musicians plus more than a million people over the course of ten days.

Away from rocking out to the music, there is the rather large matter of checking out the vast Canadian Rockies mountain range and its two national parks – Jasper and Banff. Epic does not do the cycling here justice. This is your chance to saddle up and take on snow-capped mountains, lovely lakes and cascading falls. No questions asked; this is the kind of cycling adventure you will be regaling to friends and family for years to come. And that is quite simply the case for any visit to Canada.

Best Seasons:Apr-Sep
Popular Locations:The Canadian Rockies, Quebec City, Yukon River, Ontario’s southeastern Waterfront Trail