With its lyrical charms, warm welcome and outstanding natural beauty, Ireland is the small island that certainly knows how to leave visitors enraptured. While nearby England may attract more global attention, the Emerald Isle has a softer spot in the hearts of people around the world and particularly those who visit.

And there can be little wonder why. The term ‘rolling hills’ is thrown around, but no truer two words are spoken that of Ireland. Green hills can be found aplenty, mixed in with cute towns, delightful pubs, friendly locals and quiet roads. It adds up to a perfect cycling experience, no matter where you decide to point your wheels.

There are many picture-perfect spots that are worth a pedal. But, to really lap up Ireland’s beauty a trip to Connemara is a must. This eerie district lures in adventurous travellers eager for an authentic experience. Connemara’s dreamy coastline will leave you breathless with its array of coves and bays, while further afield heathland, lakes, bogs, and mountains will call out to you for further exploration.

If you are more of a mountain lover, then the stunning Cliffs of Moher in County Clare are an absolute must ride. A challenging 216 meters (708 ft) ascent to the top is worth it for the rewarding views of this magnificent land. This is your moment to really breathe it in all and appreciate this wonderful country.

Cycle Tour Ireland

Visit a unique and lively country full of charm and spectacular landscapes

When someone mentions Ireland this is the vision that immediately comes to mind. However, sometimes it is the simpler moments that will linger forever. And dotted around both Connemara and County Clare lie many charming towns and villages. Hidden between valleys and down cute alleyways, any one of these spots will provide ample opportunity to lay down the bike, meet the locals and enjoy a proper Guinness after a hard day riding. What could be better than that?

Further south still is the iconic Dingle peninsula, with sweeping beaches, rugged mountains and sublime coastal cycling opportunities. Part of the Wild Atlantic Way, the world's longest coastal touring route, this part of the country offers spectacular biking and mainland Ireland's most westerly point at Dunmore Head. With cosy pubs, lively locals and character galore, Dingle is a great spot for Irish biking tour adventures.

One of the biggest mistakes for visitors to Ireland is to stop at Dublin and never venture further out. But for cycling tourists, this is a land of pure thrills, magnificent landscapes and non-stop beautiful moments. Even if you are short on time, the Wicklow Mountains and Ticknock Forest both supply breathtaking views, awesome MTB trails and rural wilderness within 45 minutes of the capital. Your next task is simple: pick a county, pick a hill or pick a stretch of the coast and get going because Ireland is a country that has to be cycled to be believed.

Best Seasons:April to September
Popular Locations:Cliffs of Moher, Connemara, Black Valley - Co Kerry, Dingle Peninsula