Exploring the world as a family is one of the best experiences you can give your children, and doing it by bicycle is even better. Family friendly tours consider all the needs and factors that make a cycling holiday enjoyable for the whole family. The distances are more than manageable, the terrain is kept to a very mellow grade, and there is usually lots of support and rest stops when needed. The scale of family friendly trips may be significantly smaller to accommodate even the littlest peddlers.

Urban family cycle tours can take you from city parks to museums and art galleries, and, of course, to frequently needed food stops. Family urban tours take careful consideration of the routes selected to ensure that roadways will be calm, and separated bike paths will be fully utilised wherever possible. Family tours will always be centred around family friendly activities and destinations.

Heading out into the countryside with your family may seem like a difficult challenge, but with proper planning and a smart route anything is possible! Many countries feature hundreds of miles of interconnected cycling trails that bring you through stops of interest and activities that are fun for the whole family. These can be anything from water parks, to nature reserves, to theme parks, to sites of cultural interest, to river rafting tours, to food tours; there’s something for every family.

When a tour is labeled as family friendly you can trust that extra effort has been placed on the ease of the riding, the calmness of the route, and very manageable distances with lots of places to stop and rest those little legs. The focus of family friendly rides is to promote bonding experiences for every member of your family no matter what their age, skill level or experience as a rider.

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