The eastern portion of the Czech Republic is where you will find laid back country side, filled with quaint red roofed villages and rolling wineries. Moravia is poorer, more rural, and without a doubt, more relaxed than the west. With its idyllic landscape and tranquil wineries, the southern end of Moravia is where most tourists head. Ostrava to the north has been one of the Czech Republic's industrial capitals for years. Its dirty reputation has somewhat overshadowed the beauty in the entire region, which is unfortunate, considering that the highest peaks in the Czech Republic are located nearby.

The city of Olomouc is a lovely college town where you can cruise the back alley pubs and enjoy Czech city life at half the cost of Prague. Olomouc is the best place to be based out of for visiting the Hranice Abyss, the deepest underwater cave in the world. The Czech Republic’s second city is the southern capital of Brno, a traditionally important centre of industry and trade. There are many sights to see in Brno, including various castles, cathedrals, and of course, beer halls to keep you properly hydrated. Brno is home to many festivals and celebrations, including an international fireworks competition which brings in thousands of spectators.

South of Brno is the highly recognised Moravian wine region, where 96% of Czech wine is produced. The Moravian wine region is a favourite among cyclists for its gentle rolling hills, pristine ponds and lakes, and world class wineries, all connected by cycling paths. There are literally thousands of kilometers of pathways and trails that connect the region with Bohemia in the west and Vienna Austria in the south, and interconnect many of the wineries, small towns, and natural amenities found in Moravia.

Rarely thought of outside Prague, the Czech Republic's surrounding regions can offer a truly authentic Central European experience for a fraction of the cost. The landscape is perfect for every level of cyclist, as the hills are manageable, and the distances between destinations are generally short. The weather in the Czech Republic is generally mild with snowy winters, so the best time to go is late spring to early fall.

Best Seasons:Jun - Sep
Popular Locations:Moravia wine tours, Olomouc, Maranice Abyss