Enjoy the windswept wilds of Ireland
Cycle and walk your way around the wonderful Dingle Peninsula
Discover the friendly wildlife along the way
Cycle the blissful roads of the Wild Atlantic Way

Walking and Cycling the Wild Atlantic Way

8 days
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Discover the beautiful Wild Atlantic Way of the rugged west coast of Ireland on an 8-day self-guided cycle tour from Killarney to Annascaul. Some highlights of the tour include cycling through the stunning Gap of Dunloe, a boat trip from Ross Castle through the three lakes of Killarney to Lord Brandon's cottage and an optional 2nd boat trip into Dingle harbour in search of Dingle's most famous resident, 'Fungi' the Bottlenose Dolphin. This tour is a combination of cycling and walking the incredible west coast and is suitable for all including families and children aged 12+.

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    8 days
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    1 - Beginner
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    2 - Moderate
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    1 - Easy
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  • Distance
    69 miles
  • Avg. Daily Distance
    13.7 miles
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  • Where does the tour start and end?

    The tour starts in Killarney and ends in Annascaul. The closest airport to Killarney is Cork Airport (ORK) and there is a train station at Killarney.

    Tralee train station is one of the main train stations that is a 30 minute drive from Annascaul (taxis are available) and will take you onto your further connections.

  • How long is the tour? How many cycling days?

    The tour is 8 days long with 3 days of cycling and 2 days of walking, 1 day with an optional walk, 1 day with an optional cycle and the last day of departure.

  • What's the tour like?

    It is important that you are happy reading maps and following route notes, the tour operator makes these as accurate as possible and they are regularly checked.

    As this is a self-guided holiday there is no group and no leader. There maybe others on the same departure date as you, but you will not be organised together. The route notes contain a 24-hour emergency assistance telephone number should you need it and in emergencies, the local representative is normally able to dispatch a taxi or pick you up themselves. They may wish to charge for this service.

  • What's the minimum age for the tour?

    Children who are 12 years or older are welcome on this tour.

  • What's the food and drink like in the region?

    All breakfasts are included.

    Irish food is not exactly famous, but what you will find is extremely good ingredients used to create basic and classic dishes, both Kerry beef and Kerry lamb, are certainly well known all over Ireland and further afield. You will see rack of lamb, lamb stew and shepherd’s pie, in most places. The county’s other basket is the Atlantic Ocean, and its rivers and loughs. Sea bream and Sea Bass are popular. Trout and Salmon can be served in many different ways, and there is an abundance of shellfish, local chowders are excellent and look out for crab gratin.

    Wine is readily available but of course one of the symbols of Ireland is Guinness, and we can say from experience that it tastes better in Ireland, but if have a thirst after a long walk, be aware the Guinness is not poured quickly, many might say there is a certain amount of time you need to leave after filling the glass halfway up the harp. However, it should be left until you see a vivid distinction between the dark body and the creamy white head. Only then can the rest of the glass be filled. Learning from the locals, you should order your second pint before you have finished your first!

    Craft beer is making a name for itself in Ireland and there are some excellent local ones. Then there is the Irish whiskey, the famous one being Bushmills and Jameson’s, and there are many local whiskies for you to try, the Dingle distillery produces a good whiskey and an excellent gin.

  • What's the weather like?

    The climate on the South West Coast of Ireland is mild due to its location and the influence of the Gulf Stream. The weather, however, is temperamental and proves quite hard to predict, therefore it is important to be prepared for all weather. The warmer months tend to be the summer months, July and August, with an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. Temperatures rarely fall below 0 during the year. The wettest months tend to be from October through to March. April is often the driest month. Rain can be expected at any time of the year.

  • Is a bike included? Can I bring my own?

    Yes, a bike is included in the tour price. If you'd like to ride an e-bike then you can hire one for an additional cost. Alternatively, if you want to bring your own bike that is possible and a discount is available.

  • Please read here for the tour operator's message regarding Covid-19:

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    On your trip
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    Should you fall ill, our team knows the most suitable medical care facilities for each point on the trip and will work in tandem with your leader to get you any medical attention, should you need it. If official travel advice changes during your trip, your leader will work closely with our customer operations team to reroute or help with repatriation if required.

    In the unlikely event that your group needs to self-isolate, your local team will offer support throughout. We will help arrange accommodation and food and help to organise medical care and liaise with your insurance provider. In the unlikely event that your tour leader contracts COVID, they will be replaced immediately.

    Returning home
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    If, through no fault of your own, your test result is delayed, we will cover your accommodation costs until you are able to travel and rearrange your flights (for flight inclusive customers).

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