Bike around the historic park and discover 193 ruins including beautiful Buddha statues
On the second day of the trip you will visit this historical gem which is a well-preserved example of Lanna style architecture and a sight to behold
Glide along the smooth roads with new friends
Cycle through the lush and ever-changing scenery as you work your way towards Bangkok
Feel the wind in your hair as you travel through this beautiful land
The tour will take you to many historical sites as well as visiting serene Buddha monuments that will enchant and humble you with their grace
The tour offers sublime road biking, fascinating culture, beautiful scenery and ancient sights - a truly great combo
Benefit from a knowledgeable and local guide and by exploring the country from your bicycle, a genuinely authentic way to travel and meet the natives
Feel spellbound by the enormous, intricate and ancient monuments you are introduced to along the journey

Cycling Chiang Mai to Bangkok

11 days
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$2,231 USD

Journey from north to south through the centre of Thailand on a voyage of discovery through the true heart of the country. Starting in Chiang Mai and leaving the jungles and mountains behind, you will cycle through the flatlands of central Thailand, exploring ancient relics and incredible temples, whilst enjoying phenomenal road biking on the smooth tarmac. Concluding in Bangkok, by which time you will have an authentic insight into Thai culture, history and landscape, this wonderful tour will provide memories to last a lifetime.

  • Category
    Cultural & Historical
  • Type
    Fully Guided
  • Duration
    11 days
  • Culture Level
  • Skill Level
    2 - Novice
  • Activity Level
    3 - Active
  • Elevation
    3 - Intermediate
  • Terrain
  • Distance
    574.8 miles
  • Avg. Daily Distance
    57.8 miles
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Quick Stats

  • Duration
    11 days
  • Main Destination
    Chiang Mai and Around
  • Distance
    574.8 miles
  • Avg. Daily Distance
    57.8 miles
  • Elevation
    3 - Intermediate
  • Terrain

Route Map (click to view larger image)

Itinerary Details

  1. Day 1Meet in Chiang Mai
  2. Day 2Chiang Mai to Lampang

    After leaving Chiang Mai's traffic, you will head towards Lampang on the old highway, a tree-lined boulevard that is a real pleasure to ride along. The terrain is rolling on this section of the ride, and at just past the halfway point, there is a longish climb that gets quite steep at the end.

    Lampang is called the cowboy town – you can still see horse-drawn carriages as a means of transport. On the way, you will stop and visit one of the oldest and most religious chedis in Thailand, Wat Phra That Hariphunchai, built around 1044, and the well-preserved fortified Wat Phra That Lampang Luang.

    • 74.6 miles
    • 252.6 ft
      2,424.5 ft
      2,677.2 ft
    • Wianglakor Hotel
    • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks
  3. Day 3Lampang to Uttaradit

    Today is tough, as you'll have a long distance to cover and some hills to go over. There are three sets of hills and lots of undulating countryside. Some of the hills get steep towards the end, so take it easy, but the support vehicle is not far away and ready to give you a lift if needed.

    You will pass through teak forests, past reclining Buddhas and some beautiful temples. You are now truly into provincial Thailand, and you won’t see many other tourists here – giving you a real Thailand experience!

    • 90.1 miles
    • 564.3 ft
      5,990.8 ft
      6,555.1 ft
    • Seeharaj Hotel
    • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks
  4. Day 4Uttaradit to Sukhothai

    You will really head off the beaten track today as you ride on some of the most secluded and beautiful roads in Thailand, as a canopy of palm trees provides some natural protection from the hot Thai sun. You will pass lush green paddy fields and many villages as you wind towards the first capital of Thailand, Sukhothai. The 13th-century reign is generally viewed as the “Golden Age” of Siam due to the fact that its influence spread as far west as Myanmar and east as far as Cambodia and south down into Malaysia.

    • 55.9 miles
    • 55.8 ft
      859.6 ft
      915.4 ft
    • Ruanthai Hotel
    • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks
  5. Day 5Sukhothai

    A day to enjoy the original capital of Thailand by taking a ride around the historic park. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, there are more than 193 ruins surrounded by three moats and bridged by four gateways. Bikes are the best way to enjoy this ancient city, and you won’t want to forget your camera to capture some of the stunning Buddha statues. Or simply have a day off the bike and enjoy the town of Sukhothai.

    • 18.6 miles

    • 364.2 ft
      364.2 ft
    • Ruanthai Hotel
    • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks
  6. Day 6Sukhothai to Khampeng Phet

    Khampeng Phet, also known as the “Diamond Walled City”, was a military fortress used to help defend Sukhothai from invading armies. The moss and flower covered ruins give it a quality not seen in its more popular and restored neighbour of Sukhothai. There will be plenty of time to visit the sites by foot or bicycle. The ride to Khampeng Phet is on pleasant country roads with plenty of activity going on all around to keep your attention.

    • 52.8 miles
    • 105 ft
      1,049.9 ft
      944.9 ft
    • Chakungrao Riverview Hotel
    • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks
  7. Day 7Khampeng Phet to Nakorn Sawan

    Today you'll head into the heartland of Thailand with a journey to Nakorn Sawan. You’ll quickly understand why Thailand is the top exporter of rice when you see the many paddies on your route today. Look out for water buffaloes wallowing in a puddle and for ducks taking a dip in a rice field. This is an area of Thailand not visited by many tourists, so you will pique the interest of locals (especially if you tell then you have ridden from Chiang Mai!), and it is a good opportunity to stop and say Sawadee!

    • 80.8 miles
    • 331.4 ft
      1,555.1 ft
      1,886.5 ft
    • Bonito Chinos Resort
    • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks
  8. Day 8Nakorn Sawan to Singburi

    You will really start to feel you are approaching Bangkok as you see signs of industrialisation, but there are still plenty of open spaces with fields, as well as small towns and villages along the way. The ride is again on backroads that pass through many small towns.

    • 90.1 miles
    • 55.8 ft
      2,030.8 ft
      2,086.6 ft
    • Chaisaeng Palace
    • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks
  9. Day 9Singburi to Ayutthaya

    As you leave Singburi, don’t forget to look up and wonder at the magnificent reclining Buddha in Ang Thong before continuing the ride to the old Siamese capital of Ayutthaya – the centre of old Siam for over 400 years until it was sacked by the Burmese in 1767. Also, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this historic park boasts some spectacular temples that are best visited by bicycle. The town lies along the Chao Phraya River, and your hotel for the night is located on its banks.

    • 55.9 miles
    • 3.3 ft
      1,617.5 ft
      1,614.2 ft
    • Krungsri River Hotel
    • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks
  10. Day 10Ayutthaya to Bang Pa-In to Bangkok

    You now have the last leg of your sojourn through Thailand. You will ride down to Bangkok along country roads that will take you past Bang Pa-In Palace, the former summer palace of King Chulalongkorn. You will end your journey in north Bangkok, and transfer the last few kilometres to your hotel in the city centre. You will then meet in the evening for a celebratory dinner and bask in the glory of a job well done!

    • 37.3 miles
    • 3.3 ft
      662.7 ft
      666 ft
    • Theatre Residence
    • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks
  11. Day 11Bangkok and Onward Travels

    Free day to enjoy Bangkok and pack your bikes.

    • Breakfast