In the shadow of the Himalayas and shrouded in ancient mysticism, Nepal has been at the center of the spiritual world for centuries. Nepal has eight of the world's ten tallest mountains including Everest, making it a big draw for all types of adventure seekers. Found between India to the south and the Tibetan Plateau to the north, the small country boasts the most prolific stretch of the Himalayas, making the country's height more significant than its length. The amount of natural and cultural sights in Nepal is almost overwhelming, so be prepared to come back multiple times to tackle more of its many challenges.

The capital of Kathmandu is the center for all things Nepalese and where most come to find their bearings. Here you can rent bikes, get your gear, and head into the foothills of the Himalayas. From Kathmandu you can cycle through remote mountain villages en route to the ancient cities of Gorkha and Pokhara and stop to marvel at both Everest and the Annapurna range. There are regions of Nepal that have just recently been opened to foreign travelers, such as the Mustang Valley, where you can now cycle through the Kingdom of Lo to experience some of the world's oldest Buddhist traditions.

Not everything in Nepal is straight up and down; the Kathmandu Valley is surprisingly accessible for most cyclists. The fertile plains make for gentle cycling, with arguably the most dramatic backdrop in the world. Southern Nepal eases off the intensity, as the Himalayas in the north begin to blend into the jungles of northern India, providing a more relaxing ride that is rich in both Hindu and Buddhist history. Geographically small but vastly diverse, cycling Nepal is rewarding in so many ways. You get to take in the world's most spectacular mountain range while having your soul deeply nourished by the longstanding culture and traditions of the peoples of Nepal. As most will attest, your second trip to Nepal is booked before you’re finished with your first.

Best Seasons:Oct - Apr
Popular Locations:Kathmandu, Everest, Mustang Region, Annapurna Range