Tourists have not quite clocked onto Hungary’s raw beauty and it is what makes it such an attractive location for a cycling adventure. The countryside here dazzles, fairy-tale castles hide between the trees, while hearty food, excellent wines and the allure of Budapest’s gorgeous architecture and famous nightlife make this the perfect cocktail of a country.

No visit to Hungary is truly complete without checking out its famous capital, Budapest. Like the rest of the country, the architecture here is astounding, particularly the wonderful white-washed Hungarian Parliament Building that stands proudly along the Danube River.

In recent years, Budapest has added additional cycle lanes, so it is easy to absorb the city’s beauty at a leisurely pace, particularly with a ride along Andrassy Avenue. However, if you prefer sweating buckets then a gnarly off-road ride up in the Buda Hills overlooking the city is a must. Of course, you are going to need a spa visit after this and Széchenyi Thermal Bath is just the ticket to help your body recover.

Tihany Peninsula

On the northern shores of Lake Balaton, visit the historic Tihany Peninsula as you cycle tour Hungary

Outside of the buzzing capital, Hungary offers up a multitude of other bike rides. Most notable is the massive 200km (124 mi) pedal around Lake Balaton - central Europe’s largest. Naturally, you do not have to ride the whole thing. However, a must-ride section is out to the dazzling Tihany Peninsula and the cute village of Tihany. It is easy to get lost in the beguiling blues of the water here.

Hungary is one of many European countries along the famous EuroVelo routes that criss-cross the continent. One such route worth tackling is the EuroVelo 11, which allows you to glide alongside the gorgeous Tisza River, while admiring the wonderful scenery and teeming local wildlife. This river flows through several European countries, but most importantly leads you right to the Tokaj wine region. Declared a World Heritage site in 2002, you will soon be able properly relax and taste the sweet-honey wines that have lent this area such fame.

Hungary is truly a cyclist’s dream. Lose yourself in easy drifting routes by vineyards, pump those legs on the hills and finish it all off with a soak in any number of thermal baths. The formula is perfect for a brilliant cycling adventure.

Best Seasons:March - September
Popular Locations:Budapest, Lake Balaton, Tokaj, Buda Hills