Sparkling beaches, spectacular rainforests full of wildlife, imposing mountains, stunning colonial architecture, and vibrant cities make Cuba a standout location to visit. However, it is this set against the backdrop of Revolutionary politics and a US trade embargo that has ensured Cuba retains a quirky edge making it unlike any other island on Earth. With few cars patrolling the surrounding countryside, this gorgeous island is perfect for bicycle tour lovers craving a unique adventure.

Cuba’s captivating capital of Havana feels like entering a time warp with narrow cobbled streets, grand plazas and glorious colonial architecture bathed in pinks, greens, and blues jostling for your attention. And it is a great place to begin any trip, losing your eyes to beautifully restored buildings stood next to rundown lots. Meanwhile, Old Havana is practically a living museum with plenty of gorgeous palaces, cathedrals, and monuments to explore.

Discover the vibrant colors of Cuba

Vintage cars and a unique culture await your exploration

With few vehicles - bar some exquisite vintage American cars - Havana is perfect for wandering or cycling. Exploring on two wheels here affords you the chance to see more and drift along accompanied by the sound of Salsa rhythms before ending the day with the world’s finest mojitos.

Given the intoxicating beauty of Havana, it would be easy to lose yourself for weeks or even months, but Cuba has so much more to offer including the stunning Playa Ancon. Taking a coastal ride out to this scintillating white sand beach and gorgeous blue sea will have you reaching for your camera and running towards the water in glee.

If Cuba is the definition of vibrancy, the beautiful Spanish colonial town of Trinidad really turns things up a notch. A World Heritage site since 1988, horses and carts patrol the cobblestone streets, while beautiful music floats past day and night. Unsurprisingly, it is the perfect spot to get a Salsa lesson, test out your moves or simply enjoy the delightful music and buzzing atmosphere that makes this place tick.

But Cuba is not all about towns as the Sierra del Escambray mountain range is a testament to. Cycling out to Hanabinilla offers you the chance to lap up the spellbinding scenery on offer, while you can also meet traditional textile makers and honey farmers en route.

Cuba has so many sides and another is its fascinating history. Riding out to the Bay of Pigs you can learn about the infamous failed invasion to overthrow Fidel Castro. While cycling to the mausoleum of the famous Argentine revolutionary, Che Guevara, is a must, so you can gain an insight into one of the world’s most recognized figures and symbols of radical revolution.

Best Seasons:November - April
Popular Locations:Havana, Trinidad, Bay of Pigs, Playa Ancon