Few places can boast the sheer diversity that North America has and this can largely be put down to the continent’s magnificent size. There are towering forests, never-ending beaches, bustling cities, high-plain deserts and so much more to be discovered. Iconic moments lie around every bend and this continent is perfect for grabbing your bike and embracing the adventure – all the variety and every single moment of it.

Naturally, this giant continent’s most famous son (and giant itself, with 40% of the land area), the United States of America cannot be ignored. There is just so much for cycling lovers to revel in.

Like New England’s Cape Cod: the exceptional beaches, picturesque harbors, and cute villages practically beg cyclists to saddle up and get riding.

If rock formations, deserts, and red hues really get your pulse racing, then you will be in heaven in the southwest of the U.S., especially the state of Arizona. This is venturous cycling at its finest, with a number of gorgeous national parks to lose yourself in. Throw in excellent wine tasting, the world’s finest sunsets, and some great hiking and kayaking, and you have yourself a heck of an adventure.

Unspoiled nature is easy to find in the States; another absolute must-cycle location is Montana and its national parks. Gaze up at soaring eagles and be left breathless by the imperious mountainscapes of Glacier Park, before you ride over the border and into Alberta, Canada. While the U.S.’s bold and beautiful experiences might steal most gazes, it would be criminal to ignore its neighbor to the north. Riding in Canada, you will be swept away by jaw-dropping natural wonder before reaching the glistening beauty of the Waterton Lakes National Park.

Canada’s laid-back style and rugged wilderness make it a heaven for bike lovers. The sheer number of potential routes here is astounding. Go off-road and experience the mighty Yukon. Be astonished by the vast and spectacular Canadian Rockies spanning British Columbia and Alberta. Go for a ridiculously beautiful pedal on Ontario’s southeastern Waterfront Trail or soak up the European style culture on offer in Quebec. There are incredible cycle routes to suit all ages and abilities.

So saddle up for the experience of a lifetime! North America is a continent that simply has to be seen and cycled to be believed. Criss-crossing this mesmerizing land will leave you with a wealth of memories and unforgettable escapades that you will be regaling for years to come.

Best Seasons:Mar-Sep
Popular Locations:Cape Cod, Northern Arizona – Prescott and Sedona, Quebec, Glacier National Park and Waterton Lakes


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