With its laid-back nature, beautifully diverse landscapes and 17 autonomous communities, Spain is as enchanting as it is complex. Making up the bulk of the Iberian Peninsula, Spain is one of the world's most visited countries, and once you set forth into this mélange of European influence you will find unique languages, food, and cultures that all reflect one greater Spain. The great Pyrenees mountain range separates Spain from France and contains some of Europe's best cycling — leg burning climbs to scenic mountain villages — with incomparable natural vistas as the spoils of your hard work.

On your way to Madrid, make your way through the untamed central plains, where you can experience rural Spain at its best. Cycling through the various regions of Spain can at times feel like you’re in a new country; each with their own languages, customs, and strong sense of regionalism. Going from Madrid to Barcelona will leave you thinking you need your passport as you travel from the Spanish-speaking interior to the Catalonian coast where the language changes, as do the architecture, food, and customs. Barcelona is one of the most unusual cities in the entire world, with its dare-to-be-different style and strong sense of independence. Take a city cycling tour to best see the sights of Barcelona — be sure to include the Minor Basilica of Sagrada Familia and the Picasso Museum — before you hit up what has been called the “Best City Beach” by numerous publications and travel websites.

From the most well-known and busy tourist locations in Spain you can still duck into a side street and find pure authenticity. Spain is a country that never holds back, yet is calm and humble in its demeanor. It is impossible to get tired of Spain because just as you start to feel like you’ve seen it all, you cross into another location and everything changes. From the Basque region in the north, down to the Straits of Gibraltar in traditional Andalusia, and on to the peaks of the Sierra Nevadas — Spain will continually change your preconceived notions, leaving you wanting more.

Best Seasons:Apr - Jun; Sep - Oct
Popular Locations:Costa Brava, Pyrenees, Camino de Santiago


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