An electric bicycle (e-bike for short) provides assisted pedal power that broadens adventure opportunities and furthers the reach of cycling trips, whether around the block or around the globe. No matter your age or cycling ability, you can jump on an e-bike (road or mountain), strap up a helmet, and head out to explore the roads and trails ahead without worrying about your fitness and speed.

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And that's precisely the huge benefit of e-bike bike tours - you get to see the world by bike at greater ease and you can get friends and family involved in the fun at speeds and across distances and terrain everyone can achieve. From kids to grandparents and across experience levels, you can ride your active vacation together.

Some traditional cyclists may hold their noses up at e-bike tours at first, but they are doing this new kid in the cycle lane a disservice. It doesn't take long for many of them to actually be impressed by e-bikes, and why wouldn’t they be? For the most part, they're just like regular bikes, but with a rechargeable battery and motor option that you control, letting you vary the assistance it provides, if any. Turn it off and get a full workout, or put some of that extra pedal power to strategic use - like to tackle tricky hills, allowing you to arrive at the top sweaty and happy, but with legs that still have energy in the tank for further riding.

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