Roam the lands as our ancestors would have, actively stalking the landscape by foot, pushing your physical limits and breathing in lungfuls of fresh air as you go. Great hikes give you the opportunity to explore ancient routes or simply to cut through the landscape via the most scenic path bringing rich rewards to those who dare.

Guided hikes can add to the experience with knowledgeable, often local, leaders who illustrate the way with informative commentary and practical backup. Traveling within a small group of enthusiasts is fantastically enjoyable and can also provide the safety and security you may prefer when out in the wilds.

Multi-day hikes offer an all-round immersive adventure and are a wonderful way to go deep into nature's playground and truly get away from civilisation. Of course, you may prefer a hike that provides some level of comfort and convenience when it comes to lodgings, and many multi-day routes are set up with handy daily mileage that concludes at, or close to, superb accommodation. Others maybe a little more rugged with group stays at sparse mountain huts, modest bothies or bunkhouses, perhaps even wild camping. It does, however, all add to the experience and getting away from modern life, and back to nature is an unforgettable journey, no matter your preference for comfort.

Self-guided hikes are increasingly popular and can be perfect for anyone wishing to travel at their own pace, enjoying rural seclusion and peacefulness whilst out on the trail. Levels of support and organization can stretch from accommodation, meals, transfers, route information and on-call back up to the basics of maps and trail information, and of course, the price you pay reflects the sort of package you receive. If hiking solo, it's a great idea to go through an organization that can offer help should you need it, and one who knows you are out on the trail and could sound the alarm should you wander off course

Whether you prefer a stripped back experience or something with a few more bells and whistles, a hiking adventure holiday can provide tremendous stimulation, exhaustion, gratification and an overwhelming sense of peace. Ultimately, hiking the great outdoors and moving across terrain powered by your own two feet is an intensely satisfying activity and one that speaks to us all. Often, choosing a hiking vacation as well as a cycle tour can be the ultimate combo, traversing new terrain all under your own steam but with quite different experiences to be had. Either way, you decide - get those fabulous feet moving!

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