Not all enjoyable cycle tours have to be physically demanding and intense. Easy-going tours are meant to take the umph out of the ride and allow the rider to focus on the spectacular scenery, the culture, the food, and the experience of their trip. With proper planning and tour support even the most difficult terrain can be made manageable for all levels of riders.

For most leisurely tours the landscape is often made up of gentle rolling hills, meandering cycle pathways, easy roads, and enjoyable urban rides. This allows you to focus more on the journey rather than the destination as you enjoy the cycling as much as possible during your days in the saddle. Take your time, meander a little bit, and take it all in as you pass through foreign landscapes and exciting cultures.

Easy-going and leisurely rides aren’t just for beginners; they’re perfect for families, senior riders, and those just wanting a less intense cycling experience. With smart planning and support, easy-going and leisurely rides can be done almost anywhere. From the mighty Alps to the beautiful Loire Valley, a route can be planned to maximize the enjoyment while minimizing the effort so it can be enjoyed by all levels of rider.

Multi-activity rides such as wine tours, culture and history crawls, and food tours are often kept to a leisurely pace so the focus can be kept on the supplementary activities. Easy-going tours are also perfect for the entire family as it allows children the freedom to independently cycle their way through the trip. Senior riders also enjoy more leisurely tours as the physical demands and risk are low but the experience is high. When you want the most out of your experience, no matter what your skill level, without it being as physically demanding, book a Easy-going and Leisurely tour.

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