Partner with ROAR Adventures

Ready to go tandem with us? If you’re a tour operator with expert knowledge of cycle travel in your region, we’d love to buddy up.

Here are some great reasons to join our pack:

We love local tour operators

Seriously, we ❤️ you guys. If you’ve got an off-beat enthusiasm for bike adventures and a faultless knowledge of your local patch, you’re already awesome in our eyes.

We’ll lighten your load

Our cycling experts will handle all enquiries for you, from reservation to payment, arrival to departure.

And they’ll help with the whole of each trip too – what to see, where to stay, what to do each side of a tour – so your customers feel informed about their entire journey, not just the two-wheels part.

Focus on what you’re great at

Our shiny online booking and payment platform handles everything for you, so you can concentrate on giving your customers the greatest ever experience at their destination.

Totally grow your business

We’ve got huge numbers of subscribers across the globe who we reach out to regularly. Let us help you spread the word about your tours – in the US, Australia and the UK especially.

Be life-changing

And we don’t just mean through the unforgettable experiences you create for your customers.

At ROAR Adventures we believe in making a difference where we can. So we give 10% of our profits back to charities working in the incredible places we visit.

You’ll be in good company

We only partner with the best operators on the ground. It’s how our riders can be sure they’re selecting from the very best. (We’ll tell you more about how this works when you say hi.)

If you're one of the more exciting breed of travel agent, contact us and we'll run through how we use our know-how to bring the best cycling experiences to your more intrepid clients.