If you’re not content to stick to the roads and you want to get way off the beaten path, hit the dirt and go on the perfect mountain biking holiday. Trails and dirt pathways can be found in every country on every continent on earth so exploring has never been easier.

Adventure is just around the next corner as you ride your bike off road from destination to destination taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of the countryside. Trail difficulty levels may vary greatly, from easy pathway-type trails to advanced singletracks that crest mountain passes. Mountain biking in a faraway land is the best way to avoid the mainstream tourist traps and to find the most authentic experience while visiting a foreign country. Hitting the trails allows you to get into the heart of a country as you follow single track rather than roadways.

Some off road tours are able to supply more support than others. It may not be easy to follow along with a van or other vehicle. This means you may have to be more independent than on some road tours, so you’ll want to check the level of difficulty before you set out on your ride. Mountain bike rides may be a part of a larger multi-activity trip where you spend a portion of your time on the roads as well.

Mountain biking tours generally attract the more adventurous riders, but don’t let that deter you; there are many tours that will cater to your specific skill level and demands. Longer trips may require a higher level of fitness and skill, and you will also want to check into the technicality of the riding required to make sure you have the skills needed to safely complete the ride, and have as much fun as possible out on the trails.

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