With almost 2,000 kms (1,243 mi) of pristine coastlines, Croatia has emerged as one of the Mediterranean's top destinations for those seeking sun. The craggy shores are indented with immaculate white sand beaches and centuries-old fishing villages turned glamorous resorts for the world's elite. Despite being a small country, Croatia has an uncanny ability to hide all the tourist crowds amongst its islands and beach coves, making it feel far less crowded then you might expect. Cycling Croatia is quite enjoyable as the roads are well maintained, although it can be very busy along the coastal roads and town centers.

The northern Dalmatian Coastline is rife with natural sights to see, and cultural sites to visit, as it has been the crossroads of Venetian, Roman, and Ottoman influence for thousands of years. Zadar is the main coastal hub in the north as it serves as the main port and transportation center for the surrounding islands, most of which feature fantastic cycling. Zadar itself is an enjoyable city, but its beaches can be jam-packed with sunbathers in the peak months; day trips out to remote beaches are a must. The coastal highway can be nightmarishly busy in the summer, so it’s always good to travel on the side roads, or island hop when you can, to avoid the congestion. Most notably the islands of Krk and Cres offer excellent cycling with a good mixture of resorts, fishing villages, and remote beaches, making them a great place to get away. There are multiple ways to head south from Zadar that make traveling easier; check with your tour operator to see what scenic route is best.

Sibenik is the second largest city in the region, next only to Zadar, and it makes the best base for exploring the absolutely stunning Krka National Park in the interior. Straight out of a fairy tale, the green waters of the Krka River cascade and pool in a multitude of waterfalls and lakes in one of the most romantic landscapes in all of Europe. Yes, there are large crowds during the high season, but the upper river goes mostly ignored and is well worth the trip.

Best Seasons:Apr - Jun, Sep - Oct
Popular Locations:Island hopping from Krk to Cres, Cultural cruising in Zadar, Day tripping out of Sibenik