While the spectacular Dalmatian Coastline of Croatia may be the first stop on your Croatian tour, it’s the unexpected diversity of the interior that is winning over the world. The cycling in the interior is generally less demanding than that along the rugged coast, as the cliffs give way to interior plateaus and fertile plains. From the arts and culture capital of Zagreb, past fertile wineries, to the cascading waters of Plitvice Lakes, cycling through the inland of Croatia is sure to inspire.

The capital city of Zagreb is is a youthful city brimming with art and culture not found anywhere else in the Balkans. The capital city is buzzing with nightlife and year round festivals that attract all kinds of tourists to the city 12 months of the year. With its location in the southeast, Zagreb has some great cycling right outside its door; it’s also a great starting point for any trips east into Slavonia, or south to Dubrovnik.

The southern mainland of Croatia is quickly whittled down by the Adriatic as you reach Dubrovnik, but it is jam packed with intriguing landscapes and natural wonders. The most popular are the beautiful Plitvice Lakes southwest of Zagreb. Probably the second-most recognized landscape of Croatia, next to the coast, is the cascading waterfalls and aquamarine pools of warm river water at Plitvice Lakes. This is a fantastic trip to make from either Zagreb or Split when you need a break from the sun and chaos of the busy coast. Croatia may be a new country full of optimism but its residents and landscapes have inspired global travelers for hundreds of years.

Best Seasons:Apr - Jun, Sep - Oct
Popular Locations:Plitvice Lakes National Park, Festivals in Zagreb, Stork watching in the Lonjsko Polje