From the Andes to the Amazon
Enjoy a varied mountain biking tour that gets you into the real Peru
Travel to Peru and discover a land of immense beauty
Spend a day exploring iconic Machu Picchu
Ride Peru and enjoy variety each day
Discover the culture and history of the country on tour
Journey through the Andes and discover local life along the way
Bicycle tour Peru and experience all it has to offer
Immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of Peru

Biking Peru From The Andes To The Amazon

11 days
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Peru is a remarkably diverse country. One day you find yourself in the heartland of the Incas perched high in the Andean mountains, and the next you are surrounded by the dense jungle canopy of the Amazon Rainforest. This mountain bike tour has been designed to capture this contrast at its most spectacular, utilizing a network of roads and trails that span the Sacred Valley of the Incas and parts of Manu National Park in the Amazon Basin. Included in the tour is a visit to Machu Picchu, simply a must-see when visiting Peru!

  • Category
    Mountain Biking
  • Type
    Fully Guided
  • Duration
    11 days
  • Culture Level
    Out There
  • Skill Level
    2 - Novice
  • Activity Level
    3 - Active
  • Elevation
    2 - Moderate
  • Terrain
  • Distance
    236.1 miles
  • Avg. Daily Distance
    34.2 miles
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Quick Stats

  • Duration
    11 days
  • Main Destination
  • Distance
    236.1 miles
  • Avg. Daily Distance
    34.2 miles
  • Elevation
    2 - Moderate
  • Terrain

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Itinerary Details

  1. Day 1Arrival in Cusco

    Welcome to Cusco, the former capital of the Incan Empire! If you're arriving today you'll be picked up from the airport and transferred to the tour hotel. if you're already here, please meet at the hotel.

    Located at an altitude of 3,300 m (11,152 ft.) ASL, Cusco is one of the highest cities in the world, so if you are arriving today make sure to take it easy as living at this altitude takes some getting used to.

    In the afternoon, you’ll enjoy a casual walking tour along the city’s cobblestoned alleys and visit the Plaza de Arma, the Cathedral and the impressive Incan temple of Coricancha. You will also be fitted to your bike, have a trip briefing, and attend a welcome dinner.

    • Antigua Casona San Blas Hotel
    • Dinner
  2. Day 2Cusco - Pisac

    This morning you'll depart from Cusco, cycling along a smooth tarmac road downhill toward Huambutio. There, you'll diverge from the main road onto a captivating, lesser-traveled path that runs parallel to the Urubamba River. Your inaugural ride is dedicated to embracing the awe-inspiring Andean landscapes that surround you – towering peaks and lush valleys with time-honored Incan agricultural terraces cascading down the hillsides.

    You'll pause for a picnic lunch and continue onwards to the charming town of Pisac, with its facade of colonial buildings nestled amidst the mountains. The aim is to arrive in time for Pisac’s lively artisan market, a fantastic opportunity to collect unique souvenirs and capture the essence of an authentic Andean market scene.

    • 33.6 miles
    • -1,312.3 ft
      1,312.3 ft
    • Pisac Inn
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  3. Day 3Pisac - San Pedro

    From Pisac, you'll transfer to a pass at 4,100 m ASL in the Peruvian Altiplano, a high-altitude plateau comprising rugged mountains, highland plains, and tranquil lakes. Here you'll saddle up and descend 30 km to the small village of Paucartambo, along the way relishing spectacular views of the surrounding Andes. You'll then jump into the support van for a transfer to the edge of Manu National Park.

    After lunch and back on your bike, you'll then experience one of the most striking visual shifts of the tour: dropping off the edge of the Andes and into the cloud forest of the Amazon. You'll cycle downhill all afternoon, pressed against the dense jungle canopy of the Amazonian rainforest. With a bit of luck, you may even be able to catch glimpses of rare wildlife such as Andean bears, pumas, various species of monkey and hundreds of birds. You'll spend the night at a lodge near the small jungle hamlet of San Pedro.

    • 57.8 miles
    • -12,270.3 ft
      524.9 ft
      12,795.3 ft
    • Cock of the Rock Lodge
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  4. Day 4San Pedro - Atalaya

    After breakfast, you will continue the downhill ride through the rainforest. You will be passing by many small villages, some of which were established by early European settlers and make for interesting stopping points for refreshment breaks. Rolling along dirt trails that dissect the dense rainforest, you’ll take in the sights and sounds of this untamed wilderness which sprawls in the shadows of cloud-cloaked mountains. You'll end your ride at Atalaya, the gateway to Manu National Park, where you'll rendezvous with a river boat and cruise to the remote Amazonia Jungle Lodge, your home for the next two nights.

    • 24.9 miles

    • 656.2 ft
      656.2 ft
    • Amazonia lodge
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  5. Day 5Manu National Park Free Day

    Today is a very special day inside Manu National Park. Being based at the unique Amazonia Lodge you'll have one of the world’s most incredible, diverse and fragile ecosystems literally at your doorstep. You’ll give the bikes a break for the day and you have several options to get out into the jungle and explore on foot. The jungle is usually alive very early in the morning so try to get out pre-dawn as this will be your best chance to see wildlife.

    Amazonia is one of the best places in Peru (if not the world!) for birdwatching with more than 630 bird species recorded and an abundance of parrots, parakeets, small macaws and hummingbirds. There is plenty of time to have a siesta to avoid the hottest part of the day. Settle down on your balcony (with a cold beer if so inclined) and soak it all in. In the evening, you can go for a walk to catch the beautiful sunset over the Amazon basin. Within walking distance, there is a watchtower offering splendid views over the jungle canopy.

    • Amazonia lodge
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  6. Day 6Atalaya - Pisac

    You'll take the boat back to Atalaya and then return to Pisac and the Sacred Valley of the Incas via vehicle transfer. Although the road back is mostly uphill there are two exhilarating and extremely tempting downhill sections and you'll get the option to get back on the bikes and enjoy some unforgettable free-flowing descents. The first is 19km and the second is 25km, both are optional. You will arrive in Pisac late in the afternoon, in time to check-in and enjoy dinner.


    • 27.3 miles
    • -2,493.4 ft
      2,493.4 ft
    • Pisac Inn
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  7. Day 7Day 7 Pisac - Ollantaytambo

    Setting off directly from your hotel in Pisac, you'll cross the Urubamba River and embark on a picturesque back road, tracing the contours of the Sacred Valley. Just beyond Pisac, you'll transition onto a lesser-traveled dirt track winding through local villages and haciendas (agricultural estates) set against the beautiful backdrop of glaciated mountains and Incan ruins. You'll pause for a picnic lunch along the way before passing through the villages of Qoya, Lamay, and Calca.

    Crossing the Urubamba River once more in Huayllabamba, you'll continue on a well-maintained road through Yucay and Urubamba, eventually reaching Pacchar. Here you'll cross back for more dirt road riding as you head to the end of the Sacred Valley and the charming village of Ollantaytambo. You will be based here for the next 3 nights.

    • 37.3 miles
    • -328.1 ft
      328.1 ft
    • Hotel Pakaritampu
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  8. Day 8Ollantaytambo - Maras Salt Pans

    Based out of Ollantaytambo you'll embark on a great ride along the fringes of the Sacred Valley. Beginning with a short transfer to the small village of Paccar, you’ll start riding uphill along a dirt road leading to the Incan site of Moray. Known for its spectacular circular stone terraces, Moray is a testament to the advanced agricultural practices of the Incas. You'll then ride across the plains on a nice undulating trail with a refreshing downhill to the shores of Lake Huaypo. Here you will enjoy a picnic lunch and then hop back on your bike to discover another rarely used dirt road that takes you to the Maras Salt Pans. Having been mined since Inca times, these spectacular, sparkling white pools of salt are a photographer's delight. You'll then transfer back to Ollantaytambo where you can enjoy a well-deserved dinner.

    • 26.7 miles
    • 918.6 ft
      2,723.1 ft
      1,804.5 ft
    • Hotel Pakaritampu
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  9. Day 9Machu Picchu Exploration

    Today is off the saddle as you set out to visit the most splendid Incan mountaintop ruins of all: Machu Picchu. Referred to as the “Lost City of the Incas”, this incredible sanctuary is simply a must-see when visiting Peru. To get there you will take a train journey that follows the impressive Urubamba River down through the cloud forest and to the base of Machu Picchu mountain itself. Once there, you will participate in an extensive walking tour of the ruins, delving into the intricacies of Machu Picchu's construction techniques, its purpose as a sanctuary and ceremonial center, and gaining insights into the daily life of the Inca civilization that thrived within these breathtaking stone walls. You’ll enjoy lunch at a nearby restaurant before heading back to the train station for the return journey along the Sacred Valley to your base in Ollantaytambo.

    • Hotel Pakaritampu
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  10. Day 10Ollantaytambo - Lares Valley - Cusco

    Your final day will be a total adventure well off the beaten track in the Sacred Valley. You'll begin with a vehicle transfer up to heights of 4,000 m ASL in the Andes and then cycle downhill into the beautiful and remote Lares Valley. Passing the village of HuacaHuasi, you'll descend on a good dirt road to the hot spring town of Lares where you can take a quick dip in these medicinal springs before enjoying a picnic lunch.

    Another short vehicle transfer brings you to Abra Lares which, located at 4,400 m ASL, will be your springboard for a "downhill of a lifetime" taking you along a well-paved road from the roof of the Andes to the valley floor below. You'll end the ride in the historic main square of Calca before returning to Cusco by vehicle transfer where you will enjoy a final dinner together.


    • 29.2 miles
    • -8,497.4 ft
      360.9 ft
      8,858.3 ft
    • Antigua Casona San Blas
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  11. Day 11Departure from Cusco

    Time to say goodbye! If you are departing from Cusco today you will be transferred to the airport. Feel free to extend your stay in Cusco or venture onwards to discover more of incredible Peru.

    • Breakfast